ZTE Axon M: Oozing Back Into The Era Of Flip Phones


ZTE Axon M was just introduced in the market and there is a massive hype already. A full featured smart phone that has opened doors to the era of folded screens.

Yes, you got me right. This phone happens to have not just one, but two shining smart screens that are connected together by a hinge. That is the most interesting retaliation ZTE has come up with.


Launched just a few days ago in October 2017, ZTE Axon M price is just $725 in US. It is weird how out of nowhere a Chinese company has paved ways for new forms of technology. Here’s our ZTE Axon M review that’s going to clear all your question regarding this phone.

ZTE Axon M Specs

The phone runs on Android 7.1.2 with highly powerful 20-megapixel rear camera capable of capturing the slightest details. Apart from that, ZTE Axon M battery capacity exceeds to 3180mAh with a guaranteed 12-hour lifespan. Besides, it has 2.15 GHz quad-core processor with a 4GB built in RAM and 64GB Storage memory.

Interestingly, ZTE Axon M display size is identical for both screens, front and back, measuring up to 5.20 inches, making the Axon M nothing but a sheer display of perfection.

ZTE Axon M Features

Since the most exciting thing about this phone is its flip-flop screen, so let us review the cool things you can do to make the most of this smart phone. The back screen can be turned and placed right next to the front screen, hence making the phone entirely the size of a tablet. This way you can enlarge your working screen and have a larger working area to run applications at the same time. The greatest advantage of this is the possibility to play videos on both screens simultaneously, which might be a cracking experience when you want to watch a football match and Netflix at the same time.

The strong hinge that holds both the screen displays together is rigid enough to keep both the screens intact or when folded like a smart phone. It has the capacity to wide-open 180 degrees to become a large full screen. Moreover, when you are not in the mood, the Axon M can be used like a regular phone with just one screen being in use.

The screen display has four different formats; Dual (using two apps simultaneously), Extended (One app on full screen), Regular and Mirror (Both screen having the same contents).

ZTE has customized 80 of the top 100 applications on Play Store to make them run successfully on the full screen mode. Some of which include Google Apps, Photos, Chrome, Maps, Gmail, Twitter, Sound Cloud, Firefox and Facebook.


For now surely, the ZTE Axon M feels like a dream come true. Alternatively, the first strong competitor to Apple and Samsung. Though not as sophisticated as their products, but it definitely lays the foundation for future generations and open ways for many not-so-well-established smart phone brands. Go grab your first ZTE Axon M and experience the world like never before!


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