The WyzeCam: A Surprisingly Good Surprise!


With the increasing security concerns, we all need someone to look around the exteriors of the house 24/7. Moreover, only a low-end security camera can fulfil the prospect of this look after. It should be reliable and not very expensive. But sadly, every other high brand options like Amazon’s Cloud Cam are way over $50 or soaring towards $100.

Just with that hype, WyzeCam is surely a handy surprise. A super-cheap connected video camera launched recently into the market by a couple of Amazon alums. Each of its camera comes with a WyzeCam price of $20.

 WyzeCam Specs

The WyzeCam smart home camera is similar to a white, tiny cube with a big black camera eye in the center. It is lightweight and doesn’t look like much even if placed outside the house, it won’t be noticed much. Initially, the camera belonged to a Chinese hardware maker, which was later licensed by Wyze Labs. It soon got its name WyzeCam after a few minor changes and a better quality software.

WyzeCam Features

In this WyzeCam review, let us dazzle you with some remarkably fascinating features. Don’t let the price tag fool you, this little camera can do all the things that the pricey Amazon Cloud Cam did. Firstly, it has high picture quality. The camera is capable of making videos that give you a 1080p feel when you watch them later on your phone.

Besides, it gives easy connectivity options. Be it your phone, laptop or smart TV. The features become more interesting when they come at such minimal cost. The camera packs a pair of infrared lights that help with night vision. It contains a speaker and a microphone to make the camera into an intercom when required. The hardware is pretty basic- what stands out is the technicality. In addition, the best part is, you can easily afford two to three cameras just as a kick-start and even if it doesn’t works out for you, it won’t be much of a loss.

Other features include stress-free footage recording, time-lapse recordings and easy to jump into live feeds. WyzeCam records short videos whenever it detects sound or motion and stores them in the cloud. The Cache can be two weeks old so you can easily check the history of recordings. It also notifies you when such a video is made. So for instance, the camera detects something unusual outside your apartment gate; it will make a video and quickly notify you. That is how quick and strong the sensitivity is!


Cheap hardware often comes with some cons. The camera has a problem of randomly disconnecting from the internet. There are also a few glitches in the microphone, that sometimes find it difficult to pick what people are saying at the other end.


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