What to vouch for on Black Friday if you’re a crazy techie


Black Friday is that one special occasion of the year where you can shop almost anything with an open heart. The never-ending list of deals and promotional offers are worth melting for. Like every year, November 24th is going to be that one single day for whom every shopaholic is desperately waiting for.

It is the 21st century and almost everyone is dawned and attracted towards expensive gadgets and consoles. Since they are very expensive and pricey, hence all of them dreadfully save and wait for Black Fridays to buy them. If you are also a crazy techie, and totally drool over gadgets when you see them, this article is definitely a worth read!


Below is a list of major retailers offering special discounts on Tech gadgets, TV’s and mobile phones. Do check them out.

1. Amazon

This year Amazon has announced to release a number of deals ten days before Black Friday. They have included major price reductions on their products, Alexa Echo Dot and Echo Dot mini.

2. Best Buy

Best Buy Inc., known for their consumer electronics and appliances have offered key discounts on Motorola, Samsung, Beats and Apple products mainly, TV’s, smartphones, earphones and IPads for its customers around USA, Canada and Mexico.

3. Dell

The famous laptop store, Dell has publicised the special discounted deals on their new i7 Inspiron and i5 gaming laptops. If you have been waiting for a year long, then this is the right time for you.

4. Target

The second largest discount retailer stores, Target Corporation are known for their massive sales offers on a huge variety of products. From clothing and makeup to fashion accessories, from food items and appliances to tech products, this year Target has indeed a lot to bargain. Do check out their special deals on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles.

5. Kohl’s

Renowned departmental store chain Kohl’s have had a record of promising Black Friday deals every year. This time, they have early deals on Apple, Microsoft and Samsung products. In addition, reductions on Google and Sky Drones VR sets and goggles.

6. Walmart

America’s largest multinational retail with major businesses in hypermarkets, groceries and department stores. Walmart has almost everything you need and want. This year, their tech product deals will be worth checking out. They have offers on Google Chromecast, DSLR’s, Home Theatres, Samsung smart TV’s and iPad’s of all functionalities. The prices are very reasonable and pocket-friendly.

7. Whole Foods

Whole Foods deal mostly with food items that are exclusive of artificial preservatives and hydrogenated fats. However, this year, Amazon has announced to promote their products Echo Dot, Echo Plus, Cloud Cam, Fire Tablets, and Kindle TV at Whole Foods at highly discounted rates.



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