The Volvo V60: Of Sleek Design and Autonomy

New Volvo V60 exterior

Volvo, the famous Swedish manufacturers established in 1927 and within no time emerged as the leading car innovators in the world. From wagons and SUV’s to large vehicles and modern car designs, Volvo never fails to amaze with quality, safety and care for the environment.

Recently at an event in Stockholm, Volvo revealed the V60 as the company’s popular vehicle with a classic sleek design. Similar to this are the V90, S90 and the XC90 large vehicles along with XC60 SUV. Its major rivals include the BMW 3-Series, the Audi A4 and some of the Lamborghini models.

Volvo V60 Release Date

Initially, the Volvo V60 was first introduced in 2014 in the US, and soon got popularity in North America and across Europe. But this new model is set to go on sale in the early 2019. It will be built in both Sweden and Belgium for all global markets. We’ll get to see the V60 close up in the coming month at the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland.

The V60 will also be available in the US as part of a subscription payment plan that was launched last year. Owners can book, pre-order or choose to finance, lease to the Volvo, under monthly payments though the Volvo V60 Price hasn’t been announced yet.

Volvo V60 Specs

Volvo V60 symbolizes excellence and its design, interior and specifications prove that it is purposely designed for the new generation. The car has an athletic design with sculptured sides, strongly defined rear shoulders and deep and long side windows as its exterior.

The interior comprises of a sleek touch screen at the center of the cabin giving you an easy to use display. Other than that, V60 includes rotary controls, air-vents beneath the center display. Each little details complement the luxurious Volvo V60 shape and quality of the brilliant Scandinavian design.

The key element of Volvo V60 design is its illuminating LED design that even gives a perfect view at night. The use of this technology helps prevent accidents and lets you avoid dazzling other vehicles. Besides this, Volvo V60 has upgraded its Pilot Assist driver assistance system that supports steering, accelerating, braking at speeds up to 80mph. This helps alleviate collisions and improve your driving experience.

The Volvo V60 will launch as both front-wheel drive and an all-wheel drive with 250 and 316 Volvo V60 Horsepower respectively. In other cases, Volvo V60 engine will also be available as a 390-horsepower hybrid or as its variant with 340 horsepower.

Volvo V60 Features

Although the Volvo V60 does have breath-taking interior and exteriors, but its features will leave you stunned. Let us see a list of features that this exuberant new model offers:

  1. The Luxurious seating at both front and back to provide legroom and comfort. You can also fold the seats to expose the large flat area.
  2. The versatile back seating that not only has a large area for people but also for carrying your cargo and adapt to different needs. It all happens and folds with just a simple button. Also there is a large back storage area containing four hooks and load securing tie-downs.
  3. You can control when to open the car trunk or bumper using a button on the car’s remote control.
  4. The front cabin has a 9-inch Sensus Touchscreen that lets you control most functions of the Volvo V60. It has clear graphics that makes reading and navigation easier.
  5. A 12.3 inch Digital Driver Display at the back of the steering wheel provides useful information. It also controls climate, navigation, media and telephone features. In addition, it automatically adjusts brightness.
  6. A standard panoramic moon roof that provides natural light.
  7. A variety of Drive Modes for a unique driving experience.
  8. A Four-C active chassis system that fits according to your driving needs and current road conditions.
  9. Audio powered by the Bowes and Wilkins audio, delivers 1100 watts to the V60’s 15 speakers to create a powerful and unique acoustic experience.
  10. Smartphone integration with the Standard Apple Car Play and Android Auto to play music, internet radio and videos through your phone.
  11. The Semi-Autonomous system lets you both command and drive.
  12. An all-wheel drive to conquer roads even in wet and wintry conditions.
  13. The V60 exteriors are designed with Ultra high-strength boron steel to ensure extreme passenger safety in terms of a collision or a deadly accident.
  14. The V60 has radar and camera technology that detects any chances of incidents to protect you from any kind of danger.


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