Vivofit 4: Garmin’s Latest Fitness Tracker


Garmin Vivofit hasn’t been able to make a mark with other fitness trackers out there in the past recently, but things have took a U-turn after the newly released Garmin Vivofit 4.

Though it does not look very different from the former device, Vivofit 3, but with a few transformations. It now comes in five patterns ranging from matte black, navy blue, and purple flecks bands. Let us find out more in the Garmin Vivofit 4 review below.

Garmin Vivofit 4 Specs

One of the major specification of Vivofit 4 is its yearlong battery life-which pretty much makes the fitness tracker best of all. There is no charging cable; you just have to keep replacing the two SR43 batteries yourself.

Besides, there is am 88 x 88 resolution colour display, an upgraded update from the previous version. You can also customize the display i.e. changing colour themes and selecting widgets through the Garmin Connect smartphone app from your phone. It can also be treated as a watch, with on-screen display time and an option to set multiple alarms.

Garmin Vivofit is available in small and medium sizes, with just black available for small wrists. On raw specs, it has a width of 19 mm and is 9.4 mm thick. The small size weighs 25 g and the larger 25.5 g. There is no touchscreen on the device, but a single button on the front cycle. The display type is transflective with an 8-color MIP, of 11 x 11 mm.
Besides that, it has a memory storage of up to 4 weeks of activity data.

Garmin Vivofit 4 Features

In terms of performance, Vivofit 4 tracks the steps you take, distance and your calorie count. Also detecting activities like running, biking and swimming. In that case, it is waterproof to survive in the pool.

Vivofit 4 also features Garmin’s MoveIQ, an automatic tracker of exercises. Although, there are not any workout modes included, just the basic exercise monitoring. If you are interested in detailed workout tracking, you can get yourself a dedicated Garmin sports watch.

There is also a find my phone feature, where you can connect the device with your phone app from tracking and connections.

You can also get some more details through the always-on color display itself, but the Garmin Vivofit chiefly works by synchronizing with a Garmin iOS or Android app on your smartphone through Bluetooth.

Garmin Vivofit 4 Price

The price introduced is a little pricey at $80/£70 (about AU$103), for a fitness tracker but it is $20 cheaper than the Vivofit 3 with more advanced features. It is available in white, black and lime green speckled, specially designed rubber textured bands.

Garmin Vivofit Release Date

The Vivofit tracking manoeuvre released in early December and is available online on Amazon and other eCommerce stores worldwide for orders and shipping.


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