Trump Warns Of Stern Reactions In Response To Kim Jong’s Threats


Donald Trump hiked up the war of wards and warned Kim Jong-un, the leader of North Korea, that if he messes with the U.S., he will truly regret it. Trump said that Kim Jong would regret if he attacked Guam or any of the allies of the U.S. The situation between the two countries is getting intense as days are passing and leaders of both the countries are involved in a series of threats.

Trump also stated that the U.S army is prepared and is locked and loaded for any type of situation. According to analysts, this situation will be a complete no-win one if the U.S. army prepares to conduct a strike on North Korea.


In a tweet by Trump, he hoped that Kim Jong-un would find another solution as the U.S army is prepared for the worst case scenario. This situation is alarming for other states including China, Russia, and Germany and they are concerned regarding the war of words going on between the two leaders.

Analysts say that if U.S army conducts a military attack on North Korea, the people will have very little time to evacuate and that thousands of innocent lives will be lost in this situation. According to Jerry Hendrix, a senior fellow at Center for New American Security and a retired Navy Captain, the military attack will consist of a multi-dimensional attack, and it will revolve around the first minute of combat.

Trump seems to be furious over Kim Jong-un’s threats, and he says that ‘This man will not get away with what he is doing’. He was enraged, and he said that if Guam or any other place including America’s allies will be harmed or attacked, the North Korean leader will regret it soon.

North Korea's Kim Jong Un

This diplomatic crisis and words of war started when North Korea performed tests of Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) recently. A source from Pyongyang claimed that the tests meant that they can now reach the U.S. and its allies easily.

How an ICBM Works

Trump spoke to the governor of Guam and leader of China recently and discussed the rising tensions between the U.S. and North Korea. Trump also said that he was considering to impose serious sanctions on Pyongyang.

According to a Russian General, the threat by Kim Jong-un is a bluff and that they and their military preparations can’t be prepared to those of the U.S. He considered Kim Jong-un and Trump a total mismatch and that the U.S will eradicate North Korea if the rising tension leads to a war. According to him, the U.S. is a super power with the latest technology, and North Korea is just a small region and its military and defense system can’t be compared to the U.S’s.

However, according to a poll by CNN, 62% of the Americans consider Kim Jong-un’s threat as a serious one. The neighboring powers of both the countries are trying to calm down the situation and urging restraint. We just hope that the situation gets better because war will lead to destruction and casualties on both sides.


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