Train Simulator PRO 2018 Hacks, Cheats, and Tricks

Train Simulatore pro 2018 APK

Train Simulator PRO 2018 is an amazing and technical game designed specifically for those who have interest in vehicles and locomotives. The game will let you drive an advanced and beautifully engineered train loaded with passengers across U.S. As a player you’ll drive the locomotives which will be leading either the passenger trains or freight movers. You have to drive very carefully and watch out for the signs, speed limits, signals, rail crossings, and other things to successfully complete the mission. This is a Train Simulator PRO 2018 overview that contains all the information that you need to know in a concise form.

Features Of Train Simulator Pro 2018:

During your journey as a locomotive driver, you will be able to view the majestic sights of various cities of the U.S. The graphics of this game are superb and very realistic and you can enjoy various scenes of cities, countryside, factories, and suburbs. To achieve more realism, each locomotive has a well-designed engineer’s cabin where there are gauges and levers present for the settings. If you have some engineering thing in your blood, this game is perfect for you. This is because you have to be very careful while driving as reckless driving or wrong use of various functions can damage the train. Following are the main features of this game:

  • 6 advanced and unique locomotives to drive
  • Around 1000 square miles of terrain
  • 15 different cities to drive and explore
  • 14 cars to choose (including 3 passenger and 11 freight ones)
  • Levers and gauges for locomotive cabins
  • Damage system for the vehicles
  • Weather reports and dynamic day and night system
  • Amazing graphics that are close to reality
  • Traffic and other vehicles on the road
  • Advanced and interactive signs and speed limit systems

Train Simulator PRO 2018 tips and guide:

You can read a lot of tips and guide and reviews on various Train Simulator PRO 2018 forum. Train Simulator 2018 is developed by Mageeks Apps and Games and is a very challenging and intriguing one. The game was released on 5th of October and you can find the Train Simulator PRO 2018 cheats on different platforms. There are Train Simulator PRO 2018 hacks that allow you to play the game more easily by using some tricks and codes. You can also search for the terms ‘Train Simulator PRO 2018 APK’ or ‘Train Simulator PRO 2018 Mod Apk’ if you want to play the game on platforms other than iOS or Android.

How To Install Train Simulator 2018 Pro?

Train Simulator PRO 2018 iOS and Android versions can be easily downloaded from the Apple store and Play store respectively. However, to play it on PC you’ll have to download and install an apk or mod apk file of the game. These files can be downloaded from various websites such as those mentioned in this post too. After you have downloaded and install the apk file, you have to do a setup and click on it to start playing the game easily on Mac, Linus, and different versions of Windows. Watch the trailer below:



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