Tower Fortress Hacks, Tricks And Cheats


If you love games that involve unlimited action, then you are the right place. Tower Fortress is a game of similar genre that requires you to climb a tower, which keeps shuffling its levels to make the run up difficult for anyone who dares to climb. This in turn lets various enemies, monsters attack you, and your task is to avoid them in order to reach the top safe and sound.


Tower Fortress has a little background story. It is about a girl Sara who lives in a small village as an alchemist. One day, out of nowhere an ominous tower rises up their town, which emits poisonous green smoke at its top. Since its emergence, the green smoke has caused a number of deaths and made half the town sick including Sara’s parents. Now, you have to help her find a way to the top of the tower and destroy this emitter.

Tower Fortress Features

The game is inspired by the old classics and the indie hits today, which include, Downwell nod, Nuclear Throne and Binding of Isaac. It also pays tribute to classic games like Sonic, Contra, Metroid and Mega man.

Tower fortress features 25 upgrades, 9 different weapons and up to 20+ enemy types at each stage. There are four different environments of the tower:

  • Workers’ Den: Comprises of fast moving critters.
  • Wizard’s Lab: Enables you to move around the side of the walls while avoiding deadly orbs.
  • Builders’ Gate: Surrounded by spinning razors that grind you from the bottom.
  • Knights’ Quarter: That’s for you to find out!

Besides that, the game has stunning graphics and animations that are designed by creator Mike Studios. Zach Striefel who has worked on famous indie games in the past made the audio for this game.


Since it is an action game, the character has abilities to double jump and spin to attack the passing by enemies. She can shoot through her arm buster and has the ability to jump the fast moving dynamic tower. At the end of every level, there are upgrade capsules, which help you cross the next level. The game pushes you to master yourself depending on the upgrades you take. In addition, you have to be very careful while attacking an enemy. Some can be damaged with guns while the others with your hands.


Tower Fortress released at the start of 2017 as a paid game. Initially it was developed for PC’s then later Tower Fortress for android and Tower Fortress for iOS came up too based on the increasing public demands and gaming forums.

Tower Fortress APK Download

You can now download the tower fortress APK free of cost. This will enable you to easily download the game in PC’s and help you cross different levels of the game. Besides, you can also join the gaming community to get to know latest hacks and cheats.


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