Top 5 Smartphones: Wrapping up 2017


As 2017 ends, we present you a list of some exceptional smartphones launched in this year. From their breath taking design, to well-planned interior and intelligent features, each smartphone was scrutinized according to specs, features, price and usability to list out the top five.

Talking about numbers, the best and most popular phones have appeared mainly in the second half of the year, be it the strong likes of Samsung, iPhone and Huawei. We spent our great deal of time to weigh each brand’s pros and cons to produce a list of most influential smartphones of 2017.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8


Our star of the show and the phone with highest user ratings as compared to others is Samsung Galaxy Note 8. After testing it throughout America and Far Europe, it is fair to say that no doubt Note 8 is Samsung’s best and most feature packed phone.

From a vibrant 6.3-inch OLED screen, strong dual camera setup, and a beautiful tall slim phone with a 24-hour lasting battery, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 comprises of some incredible features. Its water resistant, has expandable storage, and offers wireless charging. One of the cons, it is a little pricey. Nevertheless, packs a never-ending feature list!

Google Pixel 2


It is all about the camera, they say. Yes, you got me right. Google’s flagship phone series Google Pixel’s second edition bags the credit of having the best camera on any Android phone ever. Besides, it has Android Oreo, a super thin design body, lasting battery life, and is powered by Google Assistant.

Apple iPhone X


Number three on our list, Apple’s latest and the best of all iPhones, iPhone X is a great blend of comfortable design and intelligent features. Especially their face recognition feature for locking and unlocking the phone. Apart from that, it contains a gorgeous OLED screen, telephoto camera, and a powerful front camera for selfies. However, a few drawbacks, it is very expensive from a phone’s point of view and the all glass design makes it a little difficult to carry around.

LG V30



Competing against the big guns, LG has really turned on their game this year. LG V30 is a fantastic phone that nearly has everything that other phones offer: a good camera, speedy processor, huge OLED screen, waterproofing, wireless charging and excellent battery life. It can be used as an alternative to Samsung Galaxy phones and Google Pixel 2.  It is a great phone though there are some tech glitches and slow camera issues.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung influences the list with another of its top-notch smartphone, the all new Samsung Galaxy S8. The best-looking phone that crushes its competitors with extraordinary performance, battery life, water-resistance and wireless charging. Besides, you can also add additional space to keep your photos, videos and music files. The fast speed, and fantastic curve design has already produced so much of fame among its users.

But, there are a few glitches that were very annoying including the awkward fingerprint reader that leads to camera smears and automatically unlocking the phone a number of times on its own.


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