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Amazon, the most recognizable name in the online retailing industry, expanded its horizons and introduced Amazon Prime.  Around 12 years ago, Amazon launched Amazon Prime, a paid subscription that provides its subscribers access to free two-day shipping benefits, and a number of other benefits including music and video streaming. With the option of both monthly and yearly subscriptions, the Amazon Prime costs around $ 99 per year.

Amazon Prime, perfect for impatient shoppers, also offers same-day delivery depending on the policy of the retailer and availability of a product. In addition to several other benefits, Amazon introduced Prime Wardrobe, an exclusive service for its members that allows them to try on the ordered clothes before paying for them. The already lucrative world of online shopping was further made interesting when Amazon decided to celebrate its 20-year mark as an online retail giant by introducing “Amazon Prime day”. Already enticing, Amazon decided to spice things up and give back to its millions of Amazon Prime member shoppers in the way of a 30-hour access to shopper’s paradise; also known as, Amazon Prime day.


What is Amazon Prime Day?

A day to get all your credit cards ready and your fingers clicking, Amazon Prime day is a 30-hour shopping fest exclusively for Amazon Prime subscribers?  The retail giant is known for putting up extremely lucrative and attractive deals for its Prime subscribers.  Going into its 3rd year, Amazon Prime day started out as a 20th-anniversary promotion and as means of advertising the quickly growing Amazon Prime. With the yearly, ever-growing success of Amazon Prime days, illustrated in the staggering result analysis that found that people shopped 60% more during Prime day deals.

Though most shoppers and Amazon Prime members assume that the best deals are electronics, it is most important to know that the Prime day sales have something for everyone. Young millennial looking for affordable everyday essentials can shop the early offers and avail up to 35% off on everyday food and household products. Music lovers can buy cheap access to tens of millions of soundtracks from all genres with Amazon Music Unlimited! Ranging from amazing Kindle deals to latest TV show streams, there are also deals on Amazon Prime membership itself!

When is Amazon Prime Day 2017?

Amazon Prime Day Deal 11 July

The best day for avid shoppers looking for massive price cuts on products ranging from food essentials to Smartphone’s and gadgets. The first Amazon Prime day was celebrated on July 15, 2015. Every year since then, the highly anticipated doomsday of sales is celebrated sometime around June-July. In 2016 too, it was celebrated on the 12th of July 2016. Amazon has cut to the chase and the official date for Amazon Prime Day 2017; source of must anticipation and evaluation has been revealed and it’s almost here! Like the previous two years, this year’s too is around early to mid-July.

The Prime day 2017 will start on the 11th of July at 6 pm British State time and the 10th of July 9 pm for people following the Eastern State Time.

The day itself is planned to be longer than an actual day consisting of 24 hours. This year, much to the joy of shopaholics, the day will last for a staggering thirty hours! Deal details will go up hours before the deal is supposed to go live, offering buyers an insight into what’s in store for them, quite literally.

How To Get The Best Of Amazon Prime Day 2017?

There’s a fair bit of skepticism surrounding the Amazon Prime Day deals. A lot of Prime members and buyers feel like the hype surrounding the day is not translated successfully in the deals offered on products.  However, the simple question about Amazon Prime membership worth can be determined by the presence of pre-existing offers for its members such as:

  • 40% OFF on Kindle Unlimited Membership.
  • 40% off on Audible Channels for the first six months of subscription. The buyer will only have to pay $ 8.95 per month for the first six months instead of $ 15.90!
  • Exclusive coupons for people looking to splurge and save on everyday essentials such as food and home items. Amazon Prime members can save up to 35% off with coupons.
  • For the Prime video fans; exclusive offers a free $10 starter credit to spend for the first time you use Prime video on TV etc.

Other than the early exclusive offers, there was also an interesting offer of everyday discounts based on themes. Starting from the 5th of July, offers are being rolled out daily based around a theme.

amazon prime day 2017 important dates

  • July 5th: Voice shopping day offers discounts for tech lovers and gadget freaks. Offering unimaginable discounts of things such as noise cancelling earphones and wireless Bluetooth speakers, this one is a sure fire winner for all Prime Members who are also tech freaks.
  • July 6th: Amazon Music day offers unlimited subscription offers and discounts on a huge library of all genres of music.
  • July 7th Prime Video: Offers free credit and markdowns on subscriptions and streaming options.
  • July 8th: Amazing free delivery offers and discounts on Home items and food essentials in the Prime Pantry.
  • July 9th: Reading with Prime offers its members discounts and deals on popular e-books and Kindle subscriptions etc.

Therefore, Amazon Prime day sales are not the highlight of buying an Amazon Prime memberships, but rather the things they can buy from their annual Amazon Prime memberships that cost under a hundred dollars annually.  The Amazon Prime offers fast, free and unlimited shipping on more than a shocking 50 million items.Amazon Prime membership’s benefits include deals that offer 1-hour delivery via a strong and interconnected delivery network.

How Will Amazon Prime Day 2017 Work?

Starting at 9 PM ET, Amazon Prime Day 2017 has promised to bring unimaginable discounts on hundreds and thousands of products. On the actual Prime Day 2017, buyers will have the option to browse through thousands of products and look for slashed prices. Buyers often complain about getting nuked into buying things that aren’t actually discounted. To counter these complaints, Amazon Customers can browse and watch deal a full 24 hours before they actually go live. Moreover, the fun doesn’t stop with a set number of deals, there will be a shocking amount of deal going live as often as every 5-minutes for a record number of 30-hours straight.

The process sounds like a lot of browsing havoc, but that is not true. Like recommended items, the Amazon algorithm allows for deals to be displayed depending on previous browsing or buying. This actually tailors each buyer’s experience by showing them deals on based on what they are into. Moreover Amazon Prime Subscribers can benefit and save more by availing the up to 5-20% back on purchases policy on thousands of products, sign up for no-rush shipping to earn free rewards in addition to the one-time $10 bonus and a recurring 2% rewards policy for people who either shop using a debit card or reload using one.

Amazon Prime Day 2017

Making The Best Of Amazon Prime Day 2017

Getting the best value for money on Prime Day 2017 is more than just clicking things and keeping your credit card limit sky high. The first step is to sign up for the free Amazon Prime trial. Amazon offers a free 30-day trial to all shoppers who have a registered Amazon account. In order to successfully capitalize on the best Prime day 2017 deals, buyers can sign up for the free trial to become eligible for Prime day 2017 deals.

Step 2: Download the Amazon Application that not only makes browsing and shopping remotely easier but also has inbuilt features that notify the buyer when a deal goes live. Since deals are going live as often as every 5-minute, this tool is indispensable on Amazon Prime day.

Step 3: Nothing screams smart than preparations for 2017’s biggest day in online shopping. Buyers can browse products before hand and put all the products they want to purchase or the ones that are on their wish list. As soon as Prime day 2017 deals go up, the items in the cart will have the updated, discounted prices. Items usually run out of stock, for example, Smartphone’s or new laptops with slashes prices run out of stock rather quickly, due to the increased volume of buyers. It is for that reason that keeping the cart ready is a smart option.

Step 4: Using Price comparison apps to get the best value for money. Most buyers swear by tools such as CamelCamelCamel for gauging how much discount one is getting on the product that is on the deal.

Step 5: It is important to not only browse for material things that are tangible but also look for discounts on subscriptions that offer benefits all year long. During Amazon Prime Day 2017, there is a discount even on the annual Amazon Prime membership subscription fee! This is a great benefit for both; buyers who are already Amazon Prime members and are seeking to renew their membership and new buyers who are looking to subscribe to Amazon Prime membership and reap the benefits.

Amazon Prime Membership Deal On Prime Day 2017

Avid online buyers should consider investing in an Amazon Prime membership, and what better time than to get a discounted annual subscription rate during Prime day 2017. Amazon Prime is known for its free two-day shipping policy in addition to many others. Some of the best benefits and perks of signing up for an Amazon Prime Membership are:

amazon prime membership benefits

Signing up using an edu email address

For students wanting to sign up using an edu email in order to be eligible for a slashed down Prime subscriptions cost, here’s a small guide. Students signing up via an edu email get Prime student membership at almost half the annual subscription cost; only having to pay $49 annually for Prime membership. The process is as simple as submitting real documents proving your status as a student. These documents, once verified by Amazon Professionals, make you eligible for a discounted Prime membership fee and all other perks and benefits that come along with it.


Amazon Prime Day 2017 is anticipated to be one most eventual day for online retailers. Amazon has prepped up and beefed up on technicians to prevent bumps such as site crashing or page loading errors.  Considered the black Friday of Amazon Online retail, Prime members will start availing discounts starting from the 5th of July 2017. Amazon has promised unimaginable discounts exclusively for its Prime members.  10th July 2017 is the perfect time to sign up and avail the free 30-day Amazon Prime trial and reap the membership’s benefits!

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