Tesla Model 3: The Most Innovative Sedan In The U.S.


The web is full of short clips featuring Tesla Model 3 but everyone is waiting for a detailed video review. Tesla Model 3 is a luxurious all-electric Sedan sold by Tesla Inc. and according to the company, it can deliver ranges of around 350 km to 500 km.

Ever since the introduction of this model, Tesla Model 3 demand has been increased by far. The sedan offers auto-pilot self driving readiness, single e-motor which drives the rear wheels, a minimalist but elegant interior, a whopping speed of 5.6 sec 0-60 mph and 130 mph, and overall a dashing five-seat saloon.

Tesla Model 3 Price:

The sedan has been designed for the wealthy ones but it is still not expensive than other most expensive cars on earth. Tesla Model 3 price starts at $35,000 which you can even reserve today for getting it delivered to you in around 12 to 18 months. The deliveries however, are based only for the U.S residents and the UK residents have to wait till 2018 to buy the car. The UK price for this car is yet to be decided but according to an estimate it will be somewhat near £30,000.

Tesla Model 3 Features:

Every new car model release such as that of a BMW 5 series, Ford, or Ferrari makes a headline but Tesla Model 3 has made all the newspapers go gaga over it. So many people are eager to know about its features but not every one knows because the deliveries have been made only to the employees and not the real customers yet. However, we have managed to gather the most important features in this Tesla Model 3 review:



If we talk about the dimensions, this Tesla sedan fits properly in the category of the entry-luxury cohorts such as the Mercedes, BMW 3-series, Audi A4, and Benz C-class. However, it’s appearance and looks are quite different from them. It has a dimensions of 184.8X72.8X56.8 inches and a wheel base of 113.2 inches. It is a five seat sedan with a traditional trunk. The glass-roof runs uninterrupted from the trunklid to the front of the passenger’s head. There is a 15-inch touch screen which has an easy interface for various activities.



Tesla has introduced Superchargers as the charging stations for these Tesla cars. To use the Tesla’s fastest supercharger’s you’ll have to pay a certain amount of incremental fee on the basis of kilowatt-hour or charging time. Using these superchargers you’ll be able to recover 130 miles in just 30 minutes with the Tesla Model 3.


Tesla Model 3 has a rear-mounted motor and it offers a rear-wheel drive. There are two versions of this car; Standard and Long range and both have different powertrains. According to Tesla, the standard version has an EPA-estimated driving range of around 220 miles which can be accelerated to 60mph in 5.6 seconds and the long range version offers a driving range of 310 miles which can be accelerated to 6mph in 5.1 seconds.

Tesla is increasing the production of this most demanded Sedan and we are expecting to see a lot of Tesla Model 3 sedans on the road next year. Tesla Model 3 update can be read here and if you want to watch a detailed video trailer, scroll down:


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