Swype Keyboard Is Officially Obsolete For Android And iOS


Swype was a popular third party keyboard app developed by Nuance and it is still being used by many smartphone users who love voice dictation and swipe typing. However, Nuance Communications Inc recently announced that the Keyboard is no longer being developed and is officially obsolete now.

The Swype Keyboard was loved by all the smartphone manufacturers and it became so popular that Huawei started manufacturing devices with this Swype app pre-installed on them. According to Reddit, Nuance has reported an issue and announced to discontinue this app because they are working to improve their AI solutions for the purpose of selling directly to businesses. This news was confirmed by various outlets and according to them Nuance is shutting down the Swype app.


According to Nuance, this was a necessary step because they want to work with concentration for providing voice dictation software for vehicles and medical professionals.

Why was Swype so popular?

Swype was a popular keyboard app as it provided gesture typing and voice dictation for fast data entry. It offered various themes, predictive text, multi-language support, and special character gestures. Though the error correction was difficult and the keyboard offered no dictation, there were other features that made it possible for the users to make fast data entry. Swype was launched in 2013 on Playstore and it became popular in no time because of its signature gesture typing.

Swype offered clever shortcuts, voice dictation, highly customizable features, handwriting recognition, and a cloud syncing dictionary. Users could interact with Swype by swyping that is, moving finger from one word to the other to complete a word. When you stop swiping, the app used to add space automatically between words and thus texting became faster and easier than ever.

What other keyboard apps are available?

Though you can still download the Swype keyboard from the Play store or App store but it won’t be updated in the future. The Swype keyboard was no doubt a very useful one for gesture typing, but there are lots of other options available for the users too. An excellent option for gesture typing is offered by Microsoft as SwiftKey. This is a very popular keyboard app and offers one of the best text prediction along with beautiful themes and a nice keyboard layout. The good thing is that, it’s available for free on App Store and Play Store both.  However, if you want to use it on your iPhone or iPad, you must have it upgraded to iOS 8. Using this keyboard app you can also link your social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and others.

Gboard is a very hot pick for keyboards with swipe to text abilities, and it can fulfill your needs if you love gesture typing. Gboard is packed with useful features such as built-in search and glide typing and it has a very user-friendly interface too. If you’re an iOS user, Gboard is one of the best third-party keyboard apps available. Other favorite keyboard options are Chrooma and Fleksy but they aren’t much popular among the smartphone users.


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