Super Mario Odyssey Review


Nintendo has tried its best to allow the players to relive the fun and excitement of Mario 64. Super Mario Odyssey release date is on 27th of October this year and since then the players will be free to explore the beautiful landscapes and do different activities in the game. Odyssey will be one of the greatest games and it will remind us why we loved Mario in the previous years. Super Mario Odyssey preorder option is also available so that you can make sure that you get your hands on the game before your friends.

Super Mario Odyssey Gameplay:


All the Nintendo enthusiasts are waiting anxiously for the game release and many have dug deep into the gameplay to prepare themselves for the missions. Super Mario Odyssey will be available in a 3D format where you will be able to use amazing new powers and the gorgeous customizable outfits. The whole scenario will be bigger than ever and there will be many things to explore. Super Mario Odyssey gameplay is as follows:

Cappy is the co-star of this game and it replaces Mario’s battered old hat. Cappy is a mystery and the amazing thing is that Mario can throw Cappy onto the enemies and capture them to have control over them. Mario Odyssey feels completely new because now you can rip the powers off your enemies directly from them. So, if you’re eager to have the powers of your enemies, you can do so. The 3D controls in the game are amazing and the running and jumping will feel as smooth as it was in Galaxy. The butt stomp was an important way to kill the enemies but now Mario can roll down to beat them too. You can also interact with the non-playable characters in the game and they can help you regarding the mission completion.

Will Super Mario Odyssey Be on Wii U?

It was being said that Nintendo has a big surprise for all the Wii U fans. Wii U has the same system and configuration as Nintendo Switch and all the Wii U fans are waiting for the game to be released on this platform too. However, there is no such news of the Super Mario Odyssey Wii U version yet and it is being said that the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be the last game on Wii U ever. According to news, Wii U is going to face a retirement. However, if you are a Wii U fan you must check out the best Wii U games list.

Super Mario Odyssey Trailer:

The first Super Mario Odyssey Trailer was released in January during the Nintendo Switch event and the trailer has sparked more excitement among fans. Another trailer was released in June and the Super Mario Odyssey release date was also announced. The latest trailer was released in September and Nintendo also announced Super Mario Odyssey Amiibo figures for the launch, and they are Tuxedo Mario, Wedding dress princess Peach, and Tuxedo Browser. During the trailers of the game, Super Mario Odyssey Luigi character hasn’t been seen and all the Super Mario fans are worried about it. Following is the latest trailer of the game:


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