Strength Training Benefits for Kids and Teens


Whether you are an adult or a teen, you will always benefit from strength training. Teens doing strength training will improve their strength, endurance and muscle tone. And, there is no harm in doing strength training when you are a teenager. There used to be many misconceptions that strength training for teens is not good as it retards their growth and is harmful to their overall physical development. However, these misconceptions have been proven baseless.

If you start doing strength training as a teenager and you are starting puberty, your body will immediately start producing the hormones required to help build muscles in response to your strength training. However, it is important to start the strength training slowly, avoid heavy weights, and gradually increase the workouts so that you do not injure yourself. Once you have had a few sessions of strength training, you will immediately notice the difference.  Most of them use Aviddo Waist Trainer in exercise time. You will find that you have better muscle tone and you have more energy and focus to concentrate in school as well as in sports.


Before starting strength training, make sure you get some guidance and expert advice. It would be advisable to consult your school coach or trainer about the number of times you should do strength training in a week and what sort of warm up and cool down exercises you should do before and after your strength training. This will help you with the muscle soreness or injury. Most trainers working in schools are knowledgeable about strength training but it is better if you seek the advice of a certified strength trainer who has experience training teens.

Strength training for teens is fun but teens have to remember that their bones, joints, and tendons are still growing and developing. It is easy to strain or even permanently damage them. Therefore, teens should stop doing strength training if they feel something is not right during the training session. They should get themselves checked by a doctor before resuming their strength training



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