Stranger Things: The Game Hack, Cheats And Tricks


Stranger Things: The Game is going to be an adventurous one and will be released on Android and iOS both platforms. The game takes the story, theme, and the retro-styled look in characters from the Netflix hit ‘Stranger Things’. Stranger Things was a horror film and this game is going to be an arcade one with lots of 80’s-style-adventure waiting for you. The game can be played in two modes; classic and normal, where classic can be played by experienced players because it is a hard one. The game will be released on 27th of October, 2017 and the good thing is that it will be available as a free download.



Stranger Things: The Game iOS and Android versions will be available for free by the end of this month and you’ll be able to enjoy the retro characters from the show such as Nancy, Hopper, and the boys. The game has used many locations from the show such as the Hawkins lab, Mirkwood forest, and the Upside-down. The gameplay is very simple at the start and it starts getting a bit difficult as you move on to the next levels. There are collectibles too which block the streets of Hawkins but they are important as they will unlock some secrets in the game. This will be the second season of the game and will be released as a collaboration between BonusXP and Netflix.

Tips and Guide:

Following are some of the Stranger Things: The Game tips and guide to help you play the game in a better way:

  • You have to kill the regular enemies in the game quickly even before they get a chance to take over you.
  • If you find enemies that are immune to your attacks, you can use lasers.
  • Each character in the game can break different things. You can break the containers to get the coins and hearts.
  • If you think some task is impossible, you might be missing on something such as a character or item. Different characters have different abilities to solve the tasks and puzzles.

Though the game has not been released yet but gamers are already looking for the Stranger Things: The Game hacks to find a better and easier way to play the game. You can go through the Stranger Things: The Game cheats to get some cheat codes and mods. Various gamers have also uploaded the Stranger Things: The Game Apk file so that those who love this game can easily access it. Also, go through this link to access the Stranger Things: The Game Mod Apk.


Stranger Things: The Game is an upcoming thriller adventure game which is actually designed to promote the second season of the Netflix’s show ‘Stranger Things’. One thing which we love about the game is that we won’t have to worry about the transactions as the game is totally free for iOS and Android users. You can watch the trailer of the game below:



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