State of Decay 2: Your Ultimate Survival


Video games have a special place in everyone’s heart. Whether you are a teenager or an adult, video games always make sure to bring back the inner child in you. From need for speed to asphalt, kill zombies to every shooter games, each genre had a unique addiction of its own. This time to the very core, State of Decay 2 will become one of your massive obsession. Find out how, in the review below.

State of Decay 2 Specs

State of Decay 2 is an upcoming zombie survival game that is a sequel to its 2013 video game, State of Decay. It has been developed by Undead Labs and produced by Microsoft Studios. It is available for both single and multiplayer.

It is being developed using the Unreal Engine 4. Initially, it was made to public at the Microsoft’s E3 Xbox briefing on June 2016.

State of Decay 2 Release Date

The game will release on May 22 2018 for a wide variety of platforms. Microsoft has confirmed that it will be available for the Xbox One family of consoles as State of Decay for Xbox and State of Decay for PS4. The multiple platforms will ensure a much wider attraction for gamers around the world.

Apart from that, State of Decay 2 for PC is also available. You can also download state of decay 2 for PC after paying for its required price.

State of Decay 2 Features

The State of Decay 2 sequel promises a number of features, by becoming a three times bigger hit. The games revolves around a massive zombie apocalypse where players must survive each day in order to live another. You have to coordinate with the survivors, which may be the other players playing on the State of Decay 2 community and find a way out. The world gets uglier and things will become complicated every passing day.

At the start, players have to pick their desired characters from a collection of random individuals. Each of them have unique skills and personality traits that defy each from every other. As compared to the previous version, the skill set has been updated, creating more options for players. In addition, they will have preferences for upgrading their skills and abilities as the game will move forward.

The general theme of survival remains the same as of the original game. Players must be creative. After selecting their characters, they need to find survivors to help expand their home and fight the zombies. They also have to grow food, gear new ways of fighting; tightening up security for zombie attacks and make their skills better. Besides that, the game offers practice missions to find supplies, new strongholds and survivors. You can also invite your friends to become one of a survivor and be a part of your safe space.

It offers four-player co-op multiplayer, along with online co-op—online only modes for play. The game gets the players to make quick decisions when you’re in trouble and how to survive in the toughest conditions ever.

State of Decay 2 Price

The price of the video game for the standard edition will be $29.99USD/$49.95AUD. Meanwhile for the ultimate edition it will be $49.99USD/$69.95AUD. The price technically is much lower than it was expected. This sudden change is to build a long-term relationship with the playing community and gain maximum support from all over the world. To pre-order or download state of decay 2, you can visit the link here.


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