Spider-Man for PS4: All You Need To Know


After a yearlong wait and a lot of guesswork, Spider-Man for PS4 is finally set to hit the gaming community. Yes, from our favourite comic hero to childhood fantasy and action packed film series, Marvel’s Spider-Man is now being transformed into one of the most exciting games ever.

Even after the announce date, there is still a bit longer to wait, but don’t worry, 2018 is already bringing down the notable releases such as Assassin’s Creed Origins, Star Wars Battlefront 2, Wolfenstein 2 and the Call of Duty World War 2. I am more than excited already!

Spider-Man: Important Things to Remember

All the hype initially started at the E3 event happened this year, which officially launched Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 trailer as well as the revelation that the game will launch sometime in 2018. But, there has not been an official Spider-Man PS4 release date announced yet. There is more in store for the fans as the game will also be out for Xbox One, and PC soon.

Spider-Man PS4 Trailer:

Spider-Man PS4 Price

Developed by Insomniac Games, the creator of Sly Cooper, Resistance and now Spider-Man has teamed up with Sony Interactive Entertainment and Marvel to produce this work of art. You can now pre-order your disk even before it is released for only $59.99.

Spider-Man PS4 Features

There is not much to describe since all of you are familiar with the story. We have known the brilliant wall-climbing, acrobatic abilities and web slinging of our much-loved Spider-Man from the time when the first comic series arrived. Later its action bursting blockbuster movies had conquered the television screens for entirely an era. Now, combining the superficial graphics, environmental interactions and many more features this game will hit the PS4 podium like never before. This is not going to be the Spider-Man you have seen, instead a whole new version, which you can have control of.

All of this was revealed in the trailer launch, a 9-minute clip that highlighted everything that the game will consist of. The trailer also shows how the game is independent of the movie and will not be based on the events occurring in movies.

The story revolves around an individual Peter Parker; a struggling student who comes to New York to set up his career later engulfs in fighting big crime where he realizes of his super powers. Suddenly, he becomes a super hero saving millions of lives and downfall in the city.


The best part of this series being transmuted to a game is that you can experience the real story too. Yes, you can be your own Spider-Man! From jumping from elongating New York skyscrapers to performing dynamic skills and saving a thousand lives, you can live the same life too. The entire blockbuster will now be live as you swing through the streets of New York.

I am sure this will be most awaited game of 2018. Let us know what you think of the Spider-Man PS4 review. Are you excited?


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