Sonic Forces: Speed Battle Hacks, Cheats And Tricks

Sonic forces: Speed Battle

If you’re a Sonic fan you’ll be delighted to know that Sega has just launched Sonic Forces: Speed Battle, which is a PvP racing game. The game is featuring some of the favorite characters from the Sonic games and is very challenging and intriguing.

The game has a very simple controlling system and to earn higher scores you have to survive as long as possible. You can download Sonic Forces: Speed Battle at the Google Play Store for free. You can also download the Sonic Forces: Speed Battle APK if you want to install the app manually. Though the game is based on personal skills and way of playing, but there are certain tricks and techniques that can help you play the game like a Pro.


Sonic Forces: Speed Battle Tips and Tricks:

Sonic Forces speed battle

After you download Sonic Forces: Speed Battle you’ll notice the game is not as easy as it seems. If you’re stuck somewhere in the game you can go through the Sonic Forces: Speed Battle Cheats and learn about some new tricks to progress. If you are keener to know more about how to survive in this interesting game, read the following tips:

Use the weapons wisely:

You have to use the weapons wisely throughout the game and for that we have some tips for you. If you want to hit your enemy at the front and there are coins on the lane too, don’t go to the lane and collect the coins for speed boost as they can make you hit with the missile. So launch the weapon when you’re already on the lane with coins at the front and enemy too.

Look forward and backward:

A good trick is to be cautious while you’re moving on the track. You should always look ahead to know what’s coming on your way. If you’ll keep an eye on things coming ahead you’ll be able to plan accordingly and save yourself from the obstacles. Though it is not possible to look backward or behind but you can keep an eye on the exclamation marks. You’ll get an exclamation mark whenever a projectile is coming towards you, but you have less than a second to respond.

Benefit from your Star Runner:

One of your runners will become a ‘star runner’ in every 24 hours. If you play with them, you’ll get twice the awards for the first five you’ll play with them. You can also get four times more than your reward by watching the ads. This way you can easily fill the slots for the new characters.

Always keep moving:

sonic forces speed battle

While you’re moving on a lane and there are no obstacles, we recommend switching lanes even then. Switching lanes and keep the character in continuous motion is a good idea because this way you can easily dodge the upcoming missiles and make the enemies confused.

Choose the strongest character for running:

After the star runner bonus has finished, you must choose the best character for running which you have unlocked. Though all the characters are good and skillful but you should look at other features of them such as strength and speed.



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