Sonic Forces Speed Battle Comes To Smartphones

Sonic Forces Speed Battle APK

With the great launching and reception of Sega’s Sonic Mania, almost a month behind us, the business is focusing its own lasers in their additional brand new Sonic game that is slated for launch in November. The match is named Sonic Forces and sees the iconic blue hero leading a ragtag group of resistance fighters against the evil Dr. Eggman, also like 2011’s Sonic Generations it will feature both “contemporary” and “classic” version of Sonic in which the contemporary variant plays at a behind-the-back 3D standpoint and the timeless version plays much more like the first side-scrolling Sonics.


A brand new cellular game to tie into Sonic Forces was added into the iPhone/iPad app shop from the blue!  Sonic Forces: Speed Battle Apk is a multiplayer racer game like subway surfers.

As soon as it’s flat design resembles Sonic Dash, you may use weapons to damage competitions ala the Sonic Rivals series. Additionally, it comes with a system which lets you update your characters, a few of which are unlockable.

Sonic Forces: Speed Battle is already released on iOS store but still not available for Android users. We’ll update you when it’ll release on Android and this is also one of the reasons that Sonic Forces: Speed Battle cheats and hacks are also not available.


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