The 5 Best Software Programs for Small Businesses of 2019

Small Businesses

Starting up a small business can seem a scary proposition. And it’s sometimes difficult at first to know what software you will need. Selecting proper software for tedious details is the most difficult part.

It’s good to have a general idea of what different types of software are out there. So that in the moment of need, you can identify a solution.

These days, there are many products available to help you out with the process. By the help of which you can put your mind to more important things…like making money.

These are the five best small business software programs to get started with:

1- Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is one of the most basic software programs for small businesses. You’ll find yourself using it the most, throughout the day.

It’s an all-in-one program that includes Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word. Consumers also expect you to use Microsoft Office to open and view attachments via e-mail.

Outlook finds ways to improve its e-mail program. Word is suitable for creating contracts, invoices, and many more.

Excel is an easy spreadsheet program if you want to keep a record. PowerPoint is a tool for most salespeople to use in their presentations in many fields.

2- QuickBooks Pro  

QuickBooks is a product by Intuit, a giant in personal finance matters. It has widened its scope to help out in small business needs as well.

QuickBooks offers hundreds of templates for almost any report you could need. It helps with invoicing, accounts payable, inventory as well as time tracking.

QuickBooks will help manage your contacts and tax issues, forms and returns. It will create a budget for you and do your payroll.

You can download the super-duper version of QuickBooks. QuickBooks Pro accommodates up to three users, but the second two will cost you extra, too. It’s only compatible with Windows.

3- Slack


Slack offers the transformation of team communication.

It’s fair to say that this platform has helped transform in a way that a lot of small business teams keep in touch.

Slack offers real-time messaging in web browsers, mobile apps, and desktop clients. Team members can chat one to one, or in groups based on the desired topics (sales, finances, products and so on).

All the functions you think you might need, from file transfers to video calling, are all in one.

Slack for free offers 5GB of total storage, 10,000 recent, searchable conversations.  It gives you a feel for the app and should be fine for smaller teams.

4- Asana


This software lets you deal with project management perfection.

Got both a team and many projects to handle? Asana helps you figure out who should be doing what at any given moment. Which leads to maximizing the chances of everything coming together on deadline.

Asana joins very well with more than a hundred other products and services. All the big names include Dropbox, Slack, Gmail, Salesforce and so on.

Asana is flexible enough to fit right into whatever workflow you’ve got set up (or want to try in the future).

You don’t need to worry if you’re mapping out the steps in a project, assigning duties, checking the status of a plan. Asana makes the process much simpler than you might expect.

5- Xero


This software is famous for sorting out your finances

Its comprehensiveness, accessibility and the smart way in which it works is remarkable. On the downside, it’s one of some expensive options.

This software helps you switch between the complex and the simple. You can set up a report showing exactly where all your spending has gone this year, broken down by category. You can also bring up a bar chart of how much money is coming in each month. Or both.

The app is also very flexible. It allows you to bring up the features and statistics that you need, and hide the ones you don’t.


I hope that you can get all the help you need from these amazing software programs. Furthermore, software such as Paypal, Salesforce, and Zoho are also considerable.

They offer a wider range of features and are helpful for small businesses. So these will also get the things going in your favor.


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