Surviving the 8-10 Month Sleep Regression


One of the most frustrating aspects of being a parent when your baby regress to sleep. And this usually happens when he hits 8 to 10 months old age.

This is what we call sleep regression. You might be wondering how to tackle and manage this phase, here are the top ways for you:


Observe Your Baby’s Sleep Environment

Baby's Sleep Environment

First of all, you have to observe your baby’s sleep environment. Make it calm, less happening, soothing and relaxing for your 8-month old baby. Make sure that your baby sleeps in a dark room. That room should be very quiet.

Look for a permanent and reserved room for your baby where he or she can take and enjoy their naps and good night sleep. Moreover, start using blackout curtains in your baby room.

Even more, if your baby is in the habit of taking naps in his stroller or baby carrier, then prioritize and make it a must for you to ask your baby sleep in his cot.

Notice Your Baby’s Sleep Routine and Overall Schedule

Notice Your Baby's Sleep Routine

In addition to, notice your baby sleep routine. It is generally observed that most of the babies take three naps per day. A few of them even take a late afternoon catnap.

As soon as your baby hit 8 months’ age, then make sure that you do drop this third nap from his sleeping routine. By doing so, the bedtime span of your baby will be automatically extended and moved earlier.

should not go to bed over exhausted or overtired, Overtired babies always experience and guarantee to face overnight waking.

Avoid Sleeping Your Baby If he is Overtired

Besides, your little one sOn the other hand, for 8-10-month-old babies, it is suggested to the parents that their babies should not remain awake for any more than 3 to 4 hours right between their last nap and bedtime.

Thus, to avoid and prevent 8-month sleep regression, you can follow this tip.

Take Help from Some Health Practitioner

Take Help from Some Health Practitioner

Some of the parents believe that these disturbed sleeping patterns occur because of teething. This is not the reason every time your baby experience sleep regression.

One should not blame sleep problems only on teething. Most certainly, if your baby faces these sleep disruptions, then you can get in touch with a doctor and sort out your queries.

Avoid Introducing any of the New Sleep Habits to Your Baby

As these sleep regressions are temporary, for the reason that there is no need to introduce any of the new sleeping habits to your baby. These sleep disruptions happen as a result of developmental and growth changes.

This phase sooner passes out, that is why avoid introducing new sleep habit to your child. You never know your baby continue that routine after the phase of regression has played out.

Thus, parents should remain cool and patient in this phase. And let your baby follow his normal and usual sleeping patterns.

More Ways of Surviving the 8-10 Month Sleep Regression

Surviving the 8-10 Month Sleep Regression

Parents should not assume that disturbed sleeping pattern problem is attributed and associated with the regression. There are other factors too which disturb your baby sleeping time.

Just maintain the normal sleeping routine for your child. Try to assure that your baby bedtime and nap time routine remains to stay soothing and consistent.

Thus, when a baby starts to experience and face lots of internal changes, then the best thing which all parents can do is to maintain the consistency right with their baby sleeping routines.

You can even give your baby extra snuggles at bedtime and nap time. Some of the babies experience separation anxiety, that is why they become the target of sleep regression. So, it is better to be with your child until and unless he sleeps.


So, all parents out there, take some deep breaths. And all of you need to realize that sleep regressions are not forever.

There is no need to get stressed, anxious and also frustrated. Follow this guide and deal with this issue with complete patience.


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