Siri Vs. Google Vs. Alexa: Which AI Is The Best?

siri vs google vs alexa

Digital assistants have become a trend because they make your task simpler by the use of the voice activated technology. Now you don’t have to worry about typing the name to make a phone call, or navigate through different apps to go to your desired app. All you have to do now is to speak up the command and the digital assistant will do your task.

The technologies which are competing each other to provide AI-based digital assistance to people, are Apple Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. These devices are equipped with the latest AI technologies which are present in their smartphones and smart speakers. So which one can prove to be the best for you? Read more to compare Siri Vs. Google Vs. Alexa.

Performance with simple tasks:

apple siri

Apple’s Siri was the first device which used voice activated technology and it was launched along with iPhone 4S in 2011. If we do a Siri Vs. Google and Google Vs. Alexa comparison, Google had no trouble while getting the YouTube support. All the three digital assistants take no time to perform simple tasks such as if you want to play a song, open an app, set a reminder, check the calendar, or place a call. The simple tasks are performed by these digital assistants very easily and there are no third party apps involved.

Solving basic queries:

google assistant

The easy questions asked by the user are answered quickly by all of the digital assistants. Questions such as those related to the traffic situation, weather, movie timings, sports scores, and more are responded easily by these digital assistants. If you want an accurate answer to your question, you have to be more specific about it.

Performance with complex tasks:

amazon alexa

The complex tasks always require third party apps. These tasks include ordering food, booking a ride, downloading an app, fitness tracking, and more. Siri is location dependent and can easily order food for you and if you’re using Google Home Mini, the Google assistant can book you a ride and order food for you too. Amazon Alexa is the best in performing the complex tasks quickly and easily using the Amazon Echo Dot speakers.

Which is the best?

All the three digital assistants are doing well in performing their tasks as AI-based assistants. Siri has been in the picture for a long time and offers a vast range of functions and features. However, it can’t integrate with other apps or devices other than Apple’s. Google Assistant offers good integration with other apps and Google services. It answers the questions easily and can help you narrow down your searches too. It’s use of natural language is excellent and this feature is quite helpful for the users.

Amazon Alexa also offers good features and offers a broad reach, but to compete with Siri vs. Google, it needs to expand it horizons and move to phones and screens. So, our top pick among the best digital assistants is the Google Assistant.


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