Sheltered Hack, Cheats and Tricks


Do you love survival games? The ones in which the player is going through a post-apocalyptic phase and has to bear all the horrors of it? If yes, then you must try ‘Sheltered’. Sheltered is a survival game developed by Unicube and was released on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Sheltered release date was 15th of March 2016 and now it is one of the most liked survival games available. Though the game is available for the gaming consoles only, you can play it on your Android device by downloading from the play store or by using the Sheltered Apk file. You can easily get the Sheltered iOS version at the App store too. So, if you’re eager to know about some Sheltered cheats or hacks, read more.

Sheltered tips and guide:


Sheltered game is about a family who has to protect itself and survive in a deserted shelter. As a player you’ll have to take care of everything and survive the radiation, mental torture, and claustrophobia and gather as much supplies as you can, to save your family. You have to turn this shelter into a better place for living, just like a home. You have to use vehicles and extend your bloodline by any means, otherwise the game is over. Some people also use Sheltered hacks to generate unlimited amount of resources. Following are some tips to survive in the game:

  • If you have an extra inventory space, don’t forget to make a satchel. Always visit different locations for an expedition, and remember that each expedition is equal to a gas mask for every character.
  • Since there is very less water, you have to survive on the rain. Whenever it rains, try to satisfy the thirst and other needs such as cleanliness of all of your characters.
  • If you want to save food and water, send out new recruits for expedition without any resources or gas masks.
  • Another good tip is to start building the tier 2 items such as toilet, shower, and bed instead of the tier 1 items. This way you’ll have enough resources right from the beginning.
  • Sheltered
  • Try and build a second water butt immediately so that you can save enough water in your shelter. Level 1 water butts have less space but they are not as pricey as the second water butt.
  • Lights can be used to speed up the crafting and repairing times but they also consume fuel. Use the lights wisely and turn them off when not needed.
  • If you don’t have any anti-radiation tablets or gas masks left, pick the character that is the strongest. When the character returns from a venture, immediately unload the loot and use the anti-radiation tablets and send the character back again.

Bottom Line:

Sheltered is a very unique and intriguing survival game and even if you’re stuck or confused at some point, you can use the tips and guide or cheats to make you come out of the situation. You can also visit the Sheltered Forum to be a part of the discussion and learn some clever tactics of the game.  Watch the demo below:


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