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save the dodos

Dodos’ extinction tales aren’t hidden from anyone, but 3DDUO is giving you a chance to save them and prevent them from being extinct. Dodos are cute and adorable and if you love them too, you’ll love this game a lot. Save the Dodos is a casual indie game developed by 3DDUO and published by SOEDESCO publishing. Save the Dodos release date was in April 2016 and since then it has been entertaining its gamers with its intriguing gameplay. So, if you want to play this game like a pro, have a look at this Save the Dodos overview for more details.

Save the Dodos Tips and Guides:

save the dodos


The Dodos are innocent and not too clever birds, you have to save them, but one thing to keep in mind is that they can’t understand your command properly. You have to guide the dodos by changing the surroundings and reshaping the levels to make way for them. You have to remove the obstacles and change the platforms so that the dodos reach their destination safely. If you want some cheats to help you out, you can try Save the Dodos cheats too. Following are some important Save the Dodos Tips and Guides to help you out:

  • The first level is a simple one and you just have to save a maximum number of dodos by bringing them near to the exit door. You can also go from bottom to top and from right to left again if you want to change the way.
  • To avoid the slow progress of the game, you can keep the forward button pressed for the accelerated mode. The levels will start getting difficult and you’ll have to save or capture the dodos in a cage too.
  • To bring the dodos to the cage, you’ll have to change the platforms in such a way that they fall or jump into the cages.
  • save the dodos
  • You’ll have to save the dodos in different themes and environments such as the harsh north of the Vikings, ancient Egypt, and the Antiquity. Each level has different platforms and as levels will progress you’ll get to encounter enemies too.
  • The game gets paused when you’re changing the platform or making way for the dodos, so you have a chance to stop the game and ponder over the different possibilities which can save the dodos. There are 4 different types of dodos which you have to save, and there are total 4 modes in the game.
  • Another way to make the game easier and make the resources unlimited is to try the Save the Dodos Hack. This hack is tested and is very simple to use.

Bottom Line:

Save the Dodos iOS is easily available on the App Store and if you want to install the game manually onto your Android device, you can use Save the Dodos Apk for this purpose too. To know more about the game and be a part of the community, you can visit Save the Dodos Forum where you can find various codes and cheats for the game. Watch the trailer below:


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