Samsung To Use ‘Metal 12’ For Future Devices

samsung metal 12

Samsung has just announced that it will be using ‘Metal 12’ alloys to manufacture its smart phones, smart watches, laptops, wearable, and other gadgets. Metal 12 is a lightweight and durable magnesium-aluminum alloy and according to news this metal will be used for future Gear and Galaxy devices by Samsung.

As Samsung trademarks Metal 12, everyone is too excited to know about Metal 12. This material will make the Samsung devices and gadgets feel more lightweight and durable in the near future. The big news is that, Samsung has already used Metal 12 in the Samsung Note Book 9 2018.


What is Metal 12 material?

If you’re wondering what is metal 12 material, let us tell you that it is not a new metal designed by Samsung, in fact it is an alloy. The Metal 12 is made up of magnesium and aluminum. The name ‘metal 12’ refers to magnesium because it is the 12th element of the periodic table. Samsung recently filed in a trademark with a company named EUIPO for Metal 12. This metal is designed and developed by a South Korean manufacturer.

Samsung metal 12


Samsung to use Metal 12 for Galaxy devices:

There are many benefits of using Metal 12 for smart phones and gadgets. This is because the metal is very lightweight and durable and it will give a comfortable feel to the hands. The magnesium metal is also considered as the ‘metal of the future’ because of the stronger per unit volume as compared to the aluminum alloys.

We have heard about Samsung to use Metal 12 for future phones, and it has already used this material on its latest Notebook 9 laptop. From this latest trademark hint, we suggest that Samsung will use this new alloy for Galaxy devices and other gadgets such as Gear S4. Using this alloy could make the devices more durable and they will also resist marks and scuffs.

According to some rumors, Samsung already tested this alloy for Galaxy S7 prototype but the end product was quite different. So, Samsung used this Metal 12 for its Notebook 9 laptop and according to the Galaxy Club, this metal made the laptop feel more durable and lightweight. The 13.3 inch Laptop weighs only 995 g because it is made up of Metal 12. The other model is of 15.6 inches and it also weighs only 300 g heavier than the 13.3 inch model.

samsung metal 12


So the big news of the day is that Samsung trademarks Metal 12, which is a durable and lightweight alloy. Samsung will be using this metal for its future devices because of its benefits. Samsung has already experimented with the magnesium alloys in the future and it seems that this year is the one when Samsung’s dreams will come true for using the Metal 12 in its devices and gadgets. The Samsung Galaxy S9 is expected to be introduced in the MWC 2018 trade show and we suspect that is will be made up of Metal 12 too.


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