Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Official Teaser Turns Many Heads


Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is just a week away from being officially revealed, and it has just been teased in an official trailer released by the company. There are many rumors regarding its specs, and we can’t wait to hold it in our hands and see it for real.

Note 8 has been speculated to be a huge hit as it has been designed to do bigger and better things and compete well with the leading smartphone brands. The trailer has been released few days before its official launch, and this has been done to increase the hype and make people more excited regarding the phone’s features and specs.

In the latest video teasing the Galaxy Note 8, it is revealed that the device will have a huge screen like its predecessors. The trailer is being shared at many platforms with a hashtag of #DoWhatYouCant and is targeting all its competitors that have the same specs and features.

The trailer doesn’t show Note 8, and it contains plenty of words that depict the features and capability of this device. The trailer also points out to the S-pen Stylus that is going to be its main and important feature. The S-pen has been pictured as a blue animation in this video that is surely pointing at something deep and conceptual.

This device’s launch is crucial for the Note lineup as it will decide the fate of its predecessors and others to come. Since Galaxy Note 7 created a bad image of the Note series as it had faulty batteries which caught fire, Note 8 has to prove that this device is completely safe to be used. According to rumors, Note 8 will have some advanced features such as dual-rear cameras, dual SIM compatibility, octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 or Exynos 8895, and 6GM of RAM.

It is also been rumored that the Note 8 will have a split-screen mode which will allow the users to operate more smoothly and easily than before. The Always on display feature will allow the users to pin handwritten notes and the Samsung Dex Support is also there in the features list.

The Note 8 is rumored to be launched in three colors; Blue, black, and gold. Though the teaser doesn’t give enough details regarding the device, we can guess many features such as the S-pen that are going to be the selling point for the Note 8. The phone is said to be the most powerful of all the Samsung devices as it will have an upgraded camera system and RAM as compared to the Snapdragon 835 and Galaxy S8.

It will, however, have the same infinity display that we saw in S8. Galaxy Note 8 will be officially launched on 23rd of August, and till then we have to bear the pain of excitement. The release of this smart device will put many rumors and questions to an end, and we too are waiting to see whether it will make us do what we can’t or not.


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