Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator: Fridge of the Future!


Who would have thought that refrigerators today would have touchscreens? Alternatively, even cameras or temperatures sensors. Well, that are the benefits of living in the 21st century. Just for the price of one refrigerator, you can buy the best looking, fully feature packed, and market friendly device. Let us find out more in our exclusive Samsung Family Hub refrigerator review below:

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator Features

If Samsung had planned to create the most advanced fridge ever, clearly their mission accomplished. There is literally no feature left that could’ve been on the Samsung smart fridge. The family hub refrigerators are built to complete your homes, and so they do. Samsung have tried to bring the family tradition of placing pictures, calendars, to-do notes, reminders on the refrigerators. It is just that this time, each of them are going to be a little modernized.


Samsung Family Hub comprises of a Four-Door Flex build that is an evolution to the dominating two-door design since year. There is a 21.5-inch touchscreen overloaded with various applications, cameras on the inside of the fridge and attractive stainless steel body. The features are so user-friendly that you don’t really need to learn how to use the Samsung family hub refrigerator. The never-ending feature list goes on and on and to keep you updated, we’ve covered all of them below:

  • Cameras that lets you take pictures of your groceries inside.
  • Bixby Voice control to browse apps through your audio.
  • Microphones to record voice memos to be played later.
  • You can keep a track of all groceries, their count and expiration dates.
  • A 21.5-inch huge touchscreen that is bigger and better than all the previous versions, which makes web browsing and application usage easier.
  • A four-door concept that keeps separate compartments and rooms for things.
  • More spacious.
  • A FlexZone compartment that gives an additional 5.75 cubic feet of storage space.
  • A responsive touch than the phones and tablets.
  • Widgets for time and weather.
  • A temperature control sensor inside the fridge.
  • You can adjust different temperatures for each door compartment depending on your food.

List of Applications:

  1. White Board: For writing notes.
  2. Internet: Web browsing
  3. View Inside: Lets you have a view of the interior of the fridge using the drag and drop timers.
  4. Club des Chefs: Shows recipes and instructional cooking videos
  5. Allrecipes: Organizes your personal recipes.
  6. StickiBoard: Customized Calendar.
  7. Pandora: For music streaming.
  8. TuneIn: For streaming podcasts and internet radio
  9. Photo Album: Organizing your Photos on the fridge screen
  10. Shopping List: Keeps a list of your groceries.
  11. InstaCart/Groceries by MasterCard: application for ordering groceries at home
  12. Timer: Application with timers for things like marinating steak and chilling beverages.
  13. Fridge Manager: For viewing and changing the fridge temperature.

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator Price

The price range starts from $5,600 (also £4,500 or AU$7,499) which goes up to $5,999.99 depending on the model. However, it may seem a little costly but the refrigerator is worth the entire price.


How to Control Smart Home Devices with Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator?

Samsung recently announced that the Family Hub Refrigerators will also have the power to control all smart home devices through their SmartThings app. Also called Samsung’s home hub, it allows the connection of various devices. Users will now be able to monitor all their connected devices from the Family Hub fridge screen. The soon-to-be released SmartThings app will become a central place where you will be to control all of your devices.



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