Rules of Survival Hack, Cheats, and Tricks


Are you inspired with 3D battle type games? Do you love adventure and large landscapes to explore? Rules of Survival will be perfect for you because it is an adventurous and unique 3D battle game that will have glued to your mobile screen for hours.

Rules of Survival is published by NetEase Games and it offers intense combat for all those people who love battling. You will be given the role of a player, who along with other 119 unarmed players will be present on a large island where you he has to fight to survive. The safe zone for the players will be ending soon and they will have to save themselves from the enemies and the poison gas.


The game is very intriguing and is available for the mobile users to have some endless entertainment. Rules of Survival iOS and Android versions are available on their respective stores, but you can also download the Rules of Survival Apk to install it on your Android device.


Rules of Survival Tips:

Rules of Survival is a survival game in which you have to fight till you are the last player left on the deserted island. You can also play a solo game or a multiplayer one to have fun with your friends. There will be a huge variety of weapons, abandoned vehicles, and a big game map for you to explore. We recommend visiting Rules of Survival Forum to engage in the discussions and learn more. Following are some Rules of Survival hints for you to help become Royale Combat Battler:


  1. Always be careful of your surroundings because the open areas and terrains are more dangerous. A trick is to keep moving all the time so that you don’t become an easy target for the enemies.
  2. Take advantage of your terrain by being close to the buildings and hills so that you aren’t seen by anyone. Tall grass can also be helpful, try and crawl on your belly so that no one sees you.
  3. The safe zones and bombardment zones keep on changing so always keep an eye on your map otherwise you’ll get into trouble.
  4. Always choose the guns according to the situation and keep on picking weapons to armor you up. However, because you’ve limited capacity choose the required things only such as bandages, weapons and other supplies.
  5. Always listen to the sound cues so that you have an idea who is coming behind you. Whenever you walk into a house, make sure that you shut the door.
  6. If you’re playing with a team, always stick to it and keep on interacting and coordinating with your friends to be safe.
  7. These Rules of Survival hacks will help you generate unlimited resources so that you can survive in the game till long. These Rules of Survival Cheats are also very handy as they’ll guide you at each step and make you learn some effective tips for this game.


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