Red Hydrogen One: Featuring A Holographic Display

red hydrogen one

When we first heard about Red Hydrogen One, we thought it won’t be a smart phone because the name seems to be too bizarre. However, Red Digital Cinema announced regarding the launch of a smart phone a few months ago and then we finally started to believe that it is actually a smart phone.

red hydrogen one

Red Digital Cinema is an America based company that manufactures cameras and other accessories related to photography and cinematography. This is the company’s first venture into the world of smart phones and we are expecting this phone to arrive with a boom. The company revealed the Hydrogen One smart phone in July 2017 and now it is expected to be released soon. Read this Red Hydrogen One review to know more about this unique smart phone.

Red Hydrogen One Specs:

Though the Red Hydrogen One release date has not been revealed yet, we know a lot of features that this phone will be equipped with. The Red company, in a press release, revealed that the phone will be the first holographic lightfield one which will be equipped with modular components and a glasses-free 3D display.

The company sent three prototypes to a famous YouTuber Marques Brownlee, who reviewed the phones and we got to know about some Red Hydrogen One specs. Watch the video below:

The Red Hydrogen holographic display is one of the best features of this phone and this is the thing that sets it apart from other phones. The phone has front-facing speakers and there are pins at the back of the phone too. According to Marques, he seems to be quite impressed with this top-notch smart phone.

Apart from these, other specs of the Hydrogen One Smart phone include Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 system-on-chip, a 3.5 mm headphone port, a dual SIM slot, a microSD card, and a USB Type-C port. The Red Hydrogen One display is 5.7 inches and has a resolution of 2560X1440 pixels in the 2D mode. When the Hydrogen One smartphone is switched to the 4V mode, it allows the user to view an image that is better than the 3D image. The device is thicker than other smart phones of this size, this is because it has a different industrial design and build materials. The battery is of 4,500 mAh which is a big one and makes the phone run for long hours.

Red Hydrogen One Carrier Support:

red hydrogen one

There are no exact revelations regarding the Red Hydrogen One Carrier support, but according to Mr. Jannard, the CEO of the Red company, it will be ‘unprecedented’. According to the CEO, the carrier-unlocked phone will ship before the carrier-locked version this summer and the preview will start in April. The Red Hydrogen One price is said to start at $1,195 which makes it one of the most expensive smart phones available. The Red Hydrogen holographic tech used in the phone will allow the users to project holographic images from the screen, and this is what makes this smart phone the most unique and expensive one.


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