Google is Rebranding Android Wear as ‘Wear OS’


Android Wear, one of the most reliable watches of its time launched for Android couple of years ago. You could easily pair it with your Android devices for a number of features including the Google Assistant, reminders, notes, saving contacts and receiving texts. It also acted as a fitness tracker for keeping a check on your calorie, tracking and jogging count.

But recently, Google is planning to rebrand the Android wear, which is technically nothing but a rename. The wearable platform will be switching in a couple of months, but don’t worry there is no sign that the company will stop making the smartwatches.

 Wear OS

The Android Wear rebrand might be a little disappointing for some fans. However, its new release the Wear OS actually makes a lot of sense now. A quick view of the new version was seen on the Google Play services app, where along with the picture, a new name ‘Wear OS’ also appeared.

Wear OS might just have more fan following than the Android Wear because it supports Apple devices also. Yes, the rebranding makes it far more pleasant for the iPhone users who can now have a different device other than the Apple Watch. If you were an iPhone owner, without a doubt the Android Wear obviously meant for it to be compatible for Android devices. Therefore, this might be just a fantastic advantage.

Android Wear Rumors

Although the rebranding is currently just a rumor, it is becoming much of news for now. Other things such as Google payment service, the Android Pay also had rebranded in the past to Google Pay. The tech giant is on its way to shift many other products that are not just available on Android.

We are expecting Google to make an official announcement at its event Google I/O in May 2018. Alternatively, in other case, it could be a Wear OS launch too where we might get a sneak peek!

Is Android Wear back?

Apart from the Wear OS, there have been rumors regarding the Android Wear 3.0 upgrade, which is also expected to come out along with the Wear OS on 8th May 2018.

This would be the next version of the Google smartwatch, Android Wear 2.0 that came out last year. Since the name change has not been official yet, we don’t know whether this classic upgrade will have either Android or both the OS under the name Wear OS. We are expecting more apps, greater efficiency and obviously support for iOS, which is already underway.


While we all anxiously wait for May 08, all you can do right now is drool over the screenshots and hope all the rumors just become true. The rebrand may feel like a step back for Android Wear products, but it is probably a wiser option for users who do not necessarily have an Android phone.



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