Razer Phone: The New Fan Favorite


In a highly competitive world of Apple and Samsung, an unexpected new comer has emerged: Razer. Developed by the Razer Inc. this gaming brand has a taken a sharp turn into the smart phone community with their first ever mobile phone for gamers. We have seen dedicated handsets, PC’s, laptops or even processors for gaming but launching an Android gaming smartphone is going to be a new hit.

Razor Phone Price and Release Date

The price now is set to be $699, £699 (around AU$890), which puts the phone against the top guns including Samsung Galaxy S8, Google Pixel and iPhone 8. It will be available from November 17, 2017 all over the US, Canada and Asia for shipping and online orders. While those in UK, can buy the phone from Three at an exclusive discounted rate of £594.99 on PAYG (pay as you go) with at least a £10 top-up, which reduces the price of the handset by almost £100.


The Razor phone release date for Middle East and Australia is still in line and will be announced later.

Razer Phone specifications

Being the first-ever gaming phone, it brings a unique 120Hz smartphone gaming display with a 5.7-inch LCD QHD (1440 x 2560).  The phone is protected by Gorilla Glass 3, which though looks like anything usual but provides an incredible gaming experience. The LCD technology is different from the recently used AMOLED tech in Samsung Galaxy S8 and Google Pixel 2.

From gaming perspective, the LCD delivers higher refresh rates of 120 Hz and pixel quality. Besides, it is capable of up to 120fps (frames per second). It means the touch inability is very smooth, especially when you are scrolling quickly back and forth in a game. In addition, you have varying options to set your refresh rates, 60Hz, 90Hz or 120Hz depending on your requirements. The higher the rate, the more enhanced gaming experience.

Coming to the Razer Phone technical specs, the phone has a Snapdragon 835 platform and 8GB ram making it extra powerful for high memory games. At first glance, the Razor Phone design looks unattractive, but the Anodised soft-touch metal body gives a smooth feeling while holding.  There is a fingerprint scanner on the right side within the power key. Besides, there are dual front-facing speakers, Dolby certified, giving an influential beast sound. Razor phone weighs 158.5 x 77.7x 8mm; 197g.


The phone will only be available in matte black with a wide variety of Razor phone wallpapers of its own. Its battery life can last a full day on one single charge. According to the Razor Phone review forums, fans have been quite excited for its release. They are still wondering what the phone will actually offer to make it worth buying. Right now, it only feels like a new invention but will take a bit of time to become a trendsetter


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