Razer: The Best Phone For Gamers

razer phone

Razer phone is a smart and powerful phone and the best thing about it is its niche appeal. It has a mind-blowing design and gigantic speakers and is perfect for the gaming enthusiasts. The display of this phone is tuned well for gaming and it uses the latest and advanced hardware to provide a good Android experience.

Razer company is well-known for designing gaming products and now it has introduced a phone designed specially for the gamers. The phone is equipped with powerful speakers, smooth and crisp screen, and other high-end features for that. This phone has been designed with a great emphasis on the screen and sound to provide an amazing experience to all the gamers out there. This Razer Phone review will highlight the main specs and features of the phone in a brief format.


Razer Phone Features:


razer phone

The Razer Phone display is a 5.72-inch IGZO LCD with a resolution of 1440 X 2560 pixels. It is Corning Gorilla Glass 3 with Wide Color Gamut (WCG). Razer phone specs resemble to that of their laptops’ and they use the same technology for the display screens. A crisp and clear screen is essential for gaming and this phone has an amazing display that can fulfill the needs of the gamers. The display also boasts a variable fresh rate of 120 Hz which makes the movements on the screen to appear smooth and jerk free.


razer phone

The Razer Phone speakers are very impressive and they give very clear and crisp audio even at the loudest volume. The good thing is that, there are not just one but two speakers and are THX certified and give a 3D visualization of the sound. If we compare the phone to iPhone 8’s speakers, Razer has more immersive bass, crispier audio, and a clearer sound. The speakers are designed in such a way that you listen to the sound as clearly whether you’re at the front or back of the phone.


razer phone

The phone has been particularly designed for gaming so that the gamers could have a smooth and rich gaming experience. The Razer phone has a frame rate of 60fps which is better than any other Android phone and thus it gives a smooth and quick gaming experience. There are many games on the play store that are frame rate unlocked and the game booster feature of this phone allows you to control the refresh rate, frame rate, the background process, and the resolution too. You can also make individual settings for all the games so that you can have a personalized gaming experience.


The Razer Phone price is $699 and is available SIM-free at this price. The phone can be purchased online from any reliable store in the US and UK. If you’re a big gaming enthusiast, you can get the Razer phone with 12 GB data at a rate of 41 Euro per month and 30 GB data at a rate of 45 Euro per month. For all the power gamers there is a huge offer where they can get 100 GB data for 49 Euro per month.


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