Radiation City – Survival in the Wasteland is Tricky

Radiation City Game

Atypical Games released the all new Radiation City game on August 24, 2017. The game is built for the platform of iOS. The California based company, Atypical Games, has achieved quite a feat in this arena before as well.

Atypical Games received the Apple Design Award for the spectacular Sky Gamblers and Battle supremacy series.


Intro to the Game

The game begins as the players are given a rescue mission. They move out towards the city of Chernobyl but the plane crashes mid-way into the city. The game then begins as players find their lives in danger. The dangerous wasteland ahead lies with many mysteries. If the players want to survive and play till the end, they will have to use their intelligence and the resources they are provided. Exploring the abandoned and destroyed areas, the players will have to follow the clues, forage for food and other items in order to defend themselves from the dwellers of the ghost city.

Check out the cool new trailer as it gives you chills up your spine:

Players enter the radiated city of Pripyat that was evacuated in 1986. Since 31 years no human life has tried to create a living in the ghost city. Now, when the players fall in this dilemma, they need to survive on their own in this unforgiving land. The trailer shows the city with numerous landmarks and hundreds of buildings. So the players have a big area to explore. Moreover, the trailer showed hungry animals attacking the players. These animals have appeared to create a home in the desolated city. The undead were also portrayed as a threat to the survivors. So the players continue to scavenge and explore for increasing theirs odds of surviving this perilous and dreadful area.

Radiation City Game


About the game, the developers said, “Radiation City offers players total freedom to explore and craft a unique story in an enchanting and immersive world. Scavenge for food, water, armor, weapons and drivable vehicles that, combined with a simple crafting system, can up your odds of survival against the elements and the terrifying creatures that call Pripyat home. Use a RPG-style progression system to create a unique character that can conquer the wasteland – or fail, and fall victim to its murderous inhabitants.”

The game worth $4.99 is a masterpiece in itself. The fact that the download file of the game has 2.28 GB is nothing but a proof that the game is massive with a number of opportunities for the players. The predecessor to this game, Radiation Island, had a similar concept but did not have such an amazing plot and story. But still, if the gameplay of Radiation City is anything like its ancestor, you should expect some real fun.

How are the Controls?

If you have heard about the game’s predecessor, then you are going to like this. The controls for this game are quite similar to the Radiation Island, the ancestor of the game. You have the option of Auto-Aim, tap to walk and directional buttons as well. However, there are a few issues. Your character does not move quickly and it becomes difficult to navigate when moving around things. We don’t know if this is a bug or a mechanic way to move. There could be a possibility that the player should be forced to turn around and then run rather than simply moving backwards.

Radiation City Game


Bugs and Glitches

With all the cool story and features of the game, there are some glitches as well. You are able to pick up items through walls. Or maybe you just learn these abilities as you live in the haunted city. Moving on, zombies can be seen spawning and more disturbingly, they sink into the ground as well. Again, the zombies might have also learnt a few tricks. Also, when you complete a game center achievement, the notification pops up two to three times. That becomes annoying.

How to Download the Game

The Radiation City iOS only supports iOS9 and later. The game has not yet been released officially for the Android platform. However, we have good news for all the Android users out there. So if you’re a real game fanatic and love the plot, you can find the Android version of the game Radiation City v1.0.2 APK free download on PCSoftHub.com.


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