Home Remedies to Stay Protected from Swine Flu


The rising casualties of swine flu are constantly responsible for giving jitters to numerous people. Most of you are not even sure as to how you can avoid swine flu.

The most important thing that you should understand is that you do not need to get stressed and panic. Certain home remedies can help in protecting you from swine flu and can even be helpful if you are infected with the virus.

Given below is a list of the home remedies that can protect you from the swine flu. You can select any one or combine certain remedies for the best results.

Turmeric Milk


If you are not lactose intolerant, you can consider drinking one glass of lukewarm or hot milk before you go to bed, and ensure that you are adding a tiny pinch of turmeric into your milk.

This can help in providing the additional strength that your body requires for warding off infections.


Have Tulsi Leaves

It is suggested that you have five Tulsi leaves every morning right after you wake up. Ensure that you are washing the Tulsi leaves properly. Tulsi is responsible for having several therapeutic properties, which can keep your body protected.

Besides, it is capable of keeping your lungs and throat clear and also helps in protecting your body from infections, by strengthening the immune system.

Have Garlic


If you are someone who can’t consume raw garlic, you do not have any idea about the numerous benefits it can have on your system.


Taking a single or two pods of garlic right after you wake up along with lukewarm water can do wonders, as stated.

To strengthen your immune system, you should try out this home remedy.

Have Giloy

Giloy, or Tinospora cordifolia, is also great for your body. You have to take a foot long branch and add five Tulsi leaves and boil them together for 20 minutes.

Water needs to extract the properties of both giloy and Tulsi leaves. You can also add rock salt or pepper to make the drink sweet.

Ensure that you are cooling the drink and then consuming it, while it is still warm. It can help in taking care of your immune system. You can also get giloy powder in case if you do not get the branch.

Have Camphor

It is suggested that you take a tiny piece of camphor, which should be the size of a small tablet, twice every month. Adults can swallow camphor with water while children can have camphor with banana or mashed potatoes.

Ensure that you are not taking camphor every day. You need to make sure that you are taking it once or twice every month only.

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Aloe Vera

The Aloe Vera gel can be consumed with water regularly. Apart from keeping your immune system strong, it can be extremely beneficial for your hair and skin and can even get rid of joint pains.


You must do everything possible to keep yourself protected from swine flu. Ensure that you are trying the home remedies that have been mentioned above so that you can strengthen your immune system.


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