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portal knights

Are you tired of the giant heap of sand from Minecraft? Do you want some more innovation and creativity to your sandboxes? The Mojang’s sandbox is no doubt an endless world of exploration and re-invention but I can bet that you are tired of this game and its procedural regeneration.

Did you hear about Portal Knights? This game will remind you about Minecraft, but the good thing is that it will do it in a different way by using unique features. The game has been developed by Keen Games’ and they have claimed that it can make you play for hours. Whether you’re hearing about Portal Knights for the first time or playing it for a while now, we have gathered some hacks, cheats, and tricks that will help you play the game like a pro.


portal knights

Portal Knights Tips and Guide:

portal knights

Portal Knights was released on Steam this year and now it is getting immense popularity due to its similarity to Minecraft. It offers engaging combat and the freedom to build whatever you want to. The game is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC but if you want it to play it on your Android device, you can download the Portal Knights Apk file. Portal Knights iOS version is also easily available on the App Store Now. Following are some Portal Nights tips and guidelines to help you out:

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  • The most important thing before you start the game for the first time is to complete the tutorial. The tutorial will teach you about fighting skills, exploration tips, resource gathering and other activities in the game.
  • Always explore the game for hidden dungeons and chests, and as you’ll explore you’ll find different materials to upgrade your armor and equipment.
  • Use your points to increase your strength and other traits such as dexterity and agility. Each character has a specific skill and you can choose to specialize in any of the skills.
  • Build your home by exploring various blocks and locations. This way you’ll have a space to keep your inventory and resources.
  • To improve the effectiveness of your tools and fight the enemies, make sure you use the sharpening stones. Sharpening stones are easily crafted and you’ll also get to use other materials later which will improve the functionality of your tools and equipment.
  • Always visit the ores so that you get the resources to upgrade your workstations, tools, and weapons.
  • Use scrolls and recipes to create things such as new houses and learn new spells to proceed in the game too.
  • Building portal is the main mission of the game. You will receive shard stones by killing the enemies and mining the resources that you can use to craft portal stones.

Bottom Line:

To know more about the game you can visit the Portal Knights Forum and learn about the cheats, hacks and tricks. The Portal Knights Cheats will help you generate unlimited resources and play the game more easily. Watch the trailer below and entertain yourself:


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