Pocket Build: Build A Land Of Your Dreams


Building a fantasy world of your own has now become easier as Pocket Build brings you a chance to do so. You can build anything in this game as it is an open-world with no hard and fast rules or restrictions regarding anything. There are endless possibilities to build your own land of dreams with amazing 3D graphics and intriguing gameplay.

There are a lot of city building games on the App Store and Google Store but this game gives a lot of opportunities and you can build things ranging from farms, buildings, towers, houses to larger structures such as castles and whole cities. You can build whatever you want to and that too whenever you want to because of the resources available. You can easily download Pocket Build for iOS as it has been released for the iOS devices. Pocket build for Android is not available at the Play Store but you can use the Pocket Build Apk Download to install it on your Android device. If you’re interested in building a city of your dreams, this Pocket Build Review will inspire you.

Pocket Build Features:

A variety of items to build:


This game is different from other city simulation games because it offers hundreds of different items for building a city. You’ll have items such as trees, farms, fences, bricks, wood, rocks, land, and much more things that will help you build a land according to your desires. Using these things you will be able to build houses, castles, bridges, towers, pathways, barrels, and much more.

Amazing 3D graphics:

Moonbear has used an advanced 3D graphics engine to make this game more interesting and addictive for the players. The 3D touch support is very smooth and crisp and it allows the player to know about the finest details during the city simulation. You can easily build, rotate, move, and place anything anywhere in the world. You can also zoom in or out and rotate to change the camera view.

Instant building:


This Pocket Build city building simulation game offers endless possibilities of building a fantasy world. You can also build instantly and there is no need to wait for hours to wait for the resources to collect. All the items are already unlocked and you are given a free hand to use them as per your desire. Also, there are many new items that keep on adding to the game as the game updates.

A large open world game:

The game is based on an open-world city building format in which you can build downtowns, cities, suburbs, villages, and anything you want to. The game is not just limited to a few areas and plans and you are not restricted to build a certain type of structure. You can build a land of your dreams in whichever way you want to and there is no limitation for that.


Pocket Build by Moonbear is a must-play game as it has a lot of features and endless possibilities that other simulation games don’t have. If you want to build a land of your own with no restrictions or limitations, you must try this game. Watch the trailer below:


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