Peace, Death! Hack, Cheats and Tricks


Peace, Death is an interesting arcade game with a unique genre of Simulation. It was launched on March 24, 2017 by the publishers AZAMATIKA and attracted a wide number of audience straight away.

 Peace, Death! Overview

Although, the game has been set on a comedy theme but it has a strange story as a background. In this game, you play as a Reaper in an Apocalypse where you get new challenges by your Boss every day.

Since you are a new employee, you have a total of seven weeks as a trial to land on a permanent job. In this regard, to prove yourself, you deal with weird and challenging tasks every week and they get trickier as you move forward in the game.

 Peace, Death! Features

Your task is to examine each of the clients’ life to determine their fate. You can send them either to Heaven, hell or for purgatory depending on their deeds. Each of them has varying features, which become more difficult to decide as you proceed. For instance, they hold a pistol, so you can send them to Hell unless they drop the weapon.

Similarly, if they are wearing a hat, you can send them to Heaven only after examining whether they are not a demon or a killer. It is not easy as it sounds since you have observe every feature very carefully. In case of a wrong decision, your trail period is in trouble.

During the game, unexpected catastrophes occur where you have to allocate clients in a short period. The more quickly you make decisions, the faster you can unlock new clients and get yourself out of distress. In addition, the more you work, the more events occur to you. Like kidnapping, smuggling, clients’ phone calls and a lot more. Each event in turn brings out the best in you. So don’t panic, take wise decisions and learn from them.

There is also an extra feature added to the game. By the end of every week, the seventh day, there is a theme day. You can choose the client’s fate according to the chosen them to make the game more thrilling.

 Peace, Death! Game specifications

The game is available only as a Desktop application on Windows 7 or above and Linux platforms. You can download it from the Peace, Death! APK or the Peace, Death MOD APK from the internet. It requires the system to have more than 1024 MB RAM and Intel 2.9 GHZ or more processor. The game takes up 100 MB space. It is recommended to have a 2GB RAM if you want the game to run smoothly and without any glitches.

Peace, Death! Forum

The game had a huge following soon after its release. There is large community that shares Peace; Death hacks and Peace; Death cheats to help solve different levels whenever you are stuck and in need. Besides, they offer complete assistance to newbies in form of Peace, Death! Tips and guides.

Good luck Reaper!



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