Pay with Google Launched Officially to Speed Up The Checkout Process

Pay with Google

Android shopping has become a very convenient and hassle free job, courtesy to the new Pay with Google application. First it was online shopping and now shopping through one uniform account all over android.

I could not have been any more excited. Surely, Google never runs out of ideas and creativity – all to make our lives easier.

How Pay with Google Works?

It allows the users to shop from a list of partnered Android apps using their debit or credit card info stored in the Google account. This prevents the stress of verification and typing your long card number every time you buy a product. Google automatically stores the information once when you download the application and verifies with a security code with your phone number for safety and one-time authentication.

Therefore, whenever you make a purchase and opt to pay using ‘Pay with Google’, you will be presented with a list of saved payment methods in your account. Then it simply sends your card details and shipping address saved in the account to the merchant who handles all the further process.

The idea is to make payments easier and let customers only pay with their Google account across different platforms and interfaces. In this way, your payment details are safe in the hands of Google and surprisingly you would never have to worry about filling the forms for every application.

Pay with Google Features

The application has for the time being collaborated with 15 places in all. The payment partners of ‘Pay with Google’ include the very famous Airbnb, supported services like Doordash, Fancy, Hotel Urbano, Instacart, Kayak, Ticket Camp, Postmates and a list of food delivery services comprising of Eat24, Papa John’s, Stub Hub, Hotel Tonight, Hungry House, Deliveroo, iFood and many more which are planned to be added in the future.

Google first announced this feature into its Google Pay API, in and I/O Event in May 2017. Later turned it into a customized application. To attract more merchandisers and partners, it is foregoing a transaction fee on different buyouts.

In addition, this will make checkouts faster for mobile phone users and increase communication between customer and retailer. Also, it will make ways for easy shopping through the Google Assistant. This feature will soon be added in the future after accessing the progress of the application for now.

Payment Providers of Pay with Google

The interesting thing of this invention is how Google has cooperated with over 40 payment providers to make things simpler and easy for both merchants and customers. They include PayPal’s Braintee, Vanitv, World pay, Stripe, Adyen and Groupe Pay safe for transaction processing meanwhile the addition of other partners is in progress. They will include First Data, Ebanx, ACI, Assist, Global Payments, Tap Pay, IMSolutions and GMO – some of the renowned names.

How Pay with Google works


If you are an avid customer that prefers shopping online, this is surely the right app for you. ‘Pay with Google’ incorporates a thousand different stages of shopping into a few. Download now and get started.


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