Overwatch: Battling In The Theme Park World!


Overwatch displays a unique scenario of a war stricken country filled with bloodshed and terror. It is a never-ending global crisis. To restore back the lost harmony, a team of international heroes – overwatch, is being sent to the distorted land. Fortunately, their efforts had paid off and peace is reinstated bringing back years of innovation and development.

This still not finishes the story yet. It is decades later and the conflict is back. Moreover, this time, it has risen more than ever. The land is calling out for help- their unsung heroes of Overwatch. Are you ready to be one of them?


Overwatch: Important things to know

Blizzard Entertainment, the famous video game publishers launched the game on May 24, 2016. You can download overwatch for both Android and iOS besides having it as the usual PC and console game. The game has an entire community of players all over the world, which lets you interact and play in forms of different teams.

Overwatch Features

So now, you are familiar with the circumstances and your task is to become one of the several heroes in an epic shooting battle. You will have a team of six members and together you have to take down every opponent team and lead your way to success. Choosing different heroes gives you unique powers and an extraordinary skill set to become the person you like to be most in a war.

There are different roles and each hero qualifies in one of them.

  • Offense heroes have the power to attack and destroy the enemy.
  • Defence heroes control the war-field and protect the location.
  • Tank heroes lead the side. They break apart enemy group and their checkpoints.
  • Support heroes boost and heal damage. They are the backbone of your team’s survival.

Apart from unique roles, every hero gets to fight in different locations of the war zone, called a map. Each of them will have a varied layout and criteria to secure the winning position.

Overwatch Price

The game is priced at $39.99 at its retail price but you cannot purchase it that way since it is necessary to spend $20 along with it for the cosmetics. A little expensive but a great experience nonetheless.

Overwatch: Basics

Before you begin, it is necessary to pick a hero. Depending on the map and team you selected, you must pick a hero of the required qualities. Heroes have superpowers and strong health, which can recovered by collecting health packs throughout the locations. Lastly, it is very important to fight together in a combat and support each of your teammates from any mishap or sudden attack.

 Overwatch New Hero

Recently, Blizzard announced the launch of a new hero, Moira at their BlizzCon 2017 opening ceremony. She will be included in the support department where she will be handling damages and healing for her teammates. This Overwatch new character will add a strong back to the team thereby accumulating extra super powers into the lot.

After this, Moira becomes the 26th hero overall and the fifth hero to be added since the official release of the game. The previous ones were Ana, Sombra, Orisa and Doomfist. For now, it will be put on the Overwatch test region before inducting it into PC and consoles.


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