OnePlus 5T: Price, Release Date, Specs and Much More

OnePlus 5T review

People have been focusing and keeping an eye on the latest phones which are about to hit the market. A number of phones are in the pipeline such as Pixel 2, LG V30 and Galaxy Note 8. Likewise, one of the most stylish and trendy phone which is designed fabulously is Oneplus 5t. People all over the world are waiting to get their hands on this marvelous gadget.

Oneplus 5T Release Date

If it’s been so long waiting for the release of Oneplus 5t then let me tell you a good that it soon gonna happen in 2017. According to a leaked date, the company is going to release it in the next month. The Oneplus 5t release date is November 2017. Last year in November 2016, OnePlus3T have released in the market and now this November, a new masterpiece named Oneplus 5t would be there for smartphone lovers.


Oneplus 5t Specs

The previous record of OnePlus phones has shown to have almost same specifications. One of the latest report states about the Oneplus 5t Specs having a 6-inch large display and a resolution display of 2160 x 1080 with 18:9 aspect ratio is the supposed features of Oneplys 5t. The previous model Oneplus 5 came out in the market with a screen display of 5.5 inches. It means that this time company does not merely upgraded under the hood specs of OnePlus5 but also entirely changed the display and design to fascinate the viewers. Its designs and specifications are generating curiosity among people to know more about it.

Oneplus 5 Phone

Oneplus 5 phone is although an old model but the features of Oneplus 5 phone were enjoyed by the masses throughout the world. It was launched in June 2017 and fabulously won millions of hearts due to its flawless and smooth performance.

OnePlus 5T review


Oneplus 5 Price

People who are looking for Oneplus 5t in order to purchase it, should be aware of its market price.  Oneplus 5t price could range is between $550 to $700. Although experience yet a worthy phone to purchase.

Oneplus 5 Review

Oneplus 5 review reveals the customer satisfaction and popularity in terms of features and specifications. The first impression about the appearance and design of Oneplus 5 leaves a powerful and stunning impact to the people. It comes up with good grades when its performance is judged with other smartphones. According to the various reviews, it is still successfully standing with an eminent position in the market. This 128GB won the hearts of millions since the time of its launch.

Oneplus 5 Features

The brilliant Oneplus 5 features include a 5.5-inch display, 3300 mAh lithium battery, dual SIM facility and Optic AMOLED capacitive touchscreen. It has an Octacore processor and comes with Gorilla Glass 5 protection.

OnePlus 6 News and Rumors

The OnePlus 6 news and rumors reveal that it would come up in 2018. This water and dust resistant phone will be quite sleek and stylish as compared to Oneplus 5. The news about its 6-inch large screen display with the fingerprint sensor and edge to edge design is making masses crazy to grab it.


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