Your Oculus Rift Headset may not be working: Here’s why


The famous Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets have suddenly stopped working worldwide and users have no idea what the insider story is. The headsets started experiencing an outage since today morning and apparently, there has been no solution provided from the Company yet.

What caused the problem?

According to our sources, a couple of users who first got hold of the problem reported on the Oculus Forum, where it further got attention. Seemingly, one of the user who tried opening up the Oculus application after booting his computer was greeted by an error saying that the Software could not reach the “Oculus Runtime Service”.


Neowin, after couple of hours of digging reported the root cause behind the error, which was due to a single expired security certificate. It further stated that a file called ‘OculusAppFramework.dll’ needs to updated every now and then for the headsets and software to keep working. The error may have resulted due to a technical glitch, as the file may have not pushed on time. That is what the report says as for now.

These security certificates are issued by third party agencies that allow software to authenticate before they are updated. Without a valid security certificate, some OS will prevent these programs from running.

Meanwhile users around the world have started raising concerns on the forum regarding their application as the error reaches every part of the world. Once it appears on your app, the headset becomes useless until any update arrives.

Company Verdict

Oculus, after the problem have reached out to the public in a tweet shared later today. The Company acknowledged the disrupt saying their team are trying to work out a solution as soon as possible. Well as for now, all you can do is set your Computer’s date to 7th March 2018 to fix the solution on temporary basis.

Since now, each of you know what caused the outrage. It may have cause a lot of frustration for everyone but let’s not make a big deal out of it. We hope you patiently hope for an update from the Company soon so the issue is fixed in no time.


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