Nvidia Turing: The Next Generation Graphics Cards


Crypto-currency is everywhere and because of this huge demand from the crypto market, companies are introducing new methods of mining. Nvidia recently revealed that it is working on a graphics card which was first rumored to be called as ‘Ampere’ but now the name has been allegedly changed.

According to Reuters, this next Generation Graphics card will be named as ‘Turing’ and is expected to be released soon. Nvidia Turing card release date has been planned in April but it will be unveiled during the GPU Technology Conference (GTC) which is going to start on 26th of March this year. Nvidia Turing GPU is named after a scientist who played an important role in computation and algorithms. The card is focused on miners and gamers and will be Nvidia’s new addition to the GPU series.


Nvidia Turing Review:

Nvidia has already spoken about the increase in prices of GPUs due to cryptocurrency and thus we are expecting a high price for the Nvidia Turing card too. The Nvidia next generation Turing card price is not known yet but because of cryptocurrency mining we assume that it will be high. Nvidia was not happy with these price hikes and thus it took a step to meet the needs of the gamers and miners.

Nvidia has currently three codenames and that are Volta, Ampere, and Turing. The release date of Nvidia Volta isn’t confirm either but we know it uses an architecture that will be very useful for the gamers. Nvidia Volta’s architecture is related to the Tesla V100 graphics cards and it was created to entertain the needs of multiple markets.

Ampere and Turing are, however, two different codenames and they cater the needs of different markets. The Ampere code-named cards will be used for gaming while the Turing code-named cards will be used for cryptocurrency mining. Though all these are just rumors, some sources suggest that their roles can be reversed too. So, Ampere and Turing are focusing on two different audiences and both have different underlying GPU architectures.

Nvidia Turing cryptocurrency mining cards will be introduced to lower the price of graphic cards because currently the users are experiencing a 200 to 400% price inflation in the cryptocurrency mining rates. The gamers are used to the more affordable gaming consoles but the rising rates of cryptocurrencies can be a threat to them. Till now, the news of ‘Ampere’ was surfacing but the announcement of Nvidia Next Generation Card Turing has turned the direction of many analysts.


So far, the only thing we know about these codenames is that, they are going to be released soon, that is, in March or April. Nvidia is going to unveil them soon in the GTC and we are hoping to see some good news for the gamers and miners. Till now, we don’t even know whether the next Generation card Turing will be based on Volta or Pascal architectures, but we know that Nvidia is going to launch the whole faily of next generation GeForce GTX 2000-series Volta graphics cards this year.


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