Nissan X Motion SUV: Highlights from the Detroit Auto Show 


Nissan Motor Company Ltd, the Japanese multinational automobile producers have always put forward a strong competition to its rival automobile manufacturers. Be it experience in cars, trucks, crossovers or SUVs, Nissan’s production stands out in every aspect of design.

Recently, in the Detroit Auto Show, a number of automobile manufacturers took part. Nissan meanwhile, revealed its finest invention Nissan X Motion. Also known as the cross motion, this car will be the brand’s future of utility vehicles.


Nissan X Motion Review

The vehicle may look like an SUV on the outside, but on the inside, it is a bunch load of technology. The creative concept car has an overall seven digital touchscreens inside (three main, one left, right, centre console and a digital room mirror in the ceiling), making it an aggressive attempt towards technology and automated future. Besides, there is a seating for six people along with a serene wooden architecture made up of the Japanese wood. The inside feels like a sea of imagination, giving you a feel of driving in a video game.

With unique creativity and design, Nissan has tried to blend in technology and comfort together giving as many benefits to its users worldwide. Much of the design also reflects the Japanese culture, with a conceptual mission to move people to a better world. Other insider details haven’t been given out yet.

Apart from that, Nissan X Motion concept has a bulky body and clamshell doors that seems like they are providing entry to a cabin- inspired from an ancient Japanese tradition that is given a modern look. A digital assistant takes control of the digital screens as you settle in the car. Meanwhile, people sitting in the second row can use a floating device to interact with the infotainment system.

Lastly, there is a pop-up compartment on the roof giving extra cargo space, one of the most needed feature in the vehicles designed today.

Nissan X Motion Features

Of course, after a ridiculously creative design, Nissan wouldn’t just leave the features like of any normal vehicle. Hand gestures and eye movements can control the display and infotainment system. Besides, the voice commands lets you focus on driving, navigation and access information in smart and safe manner. Like you, do not have to type the location while driving; just give in your voice command.

According to the recent press release, Nissan unveils X Motion with a fingerprint authentication to start the operations of the vehicle. When the driver or the owner of the car touches the fingerprint authentication area, the system starts, awakening the virtual assistant. You can also switch the car into self-driving mode and have a conversation with your assistant throughout the drive. This intelligent assistant acts as an intermediary to connect humans and machine.


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