Night In The Woods Is Coming To Your SmartPhones

Night in the woods

Night In The Woods is an adventurous game and is based on exploration and lush environments. The game was released on 10th of January on Play Station 4, Linux, Mac, and PC. The game was developed by Infinite Fall and features the 20-year old Mae Borowski, who has returned to his town to reconnect with her people.

The good news is that it is coming to smartphones too, as announced by the official Twitter account of the game. Night In The Woods release date for smartphones has been scheduled for 2018 and we all can’t wait till the exact date will be announced.


Night In The Woods Features:

night in the woods

Night In The Woods is a game that is based on the past, and how you have to deal with the changes. Mae Borowski is a college dropout and is returning to Possum Springs to meet her old family and friends. However, things have changed a lot now and it seems like there is something in the woods. Things have become stranger and creepier and that is the thing the player will have to deal with in the game.

The feline character Mae sets off in a train to visit her people and her very first move is to get out of the station by moving to the left. However, as the player will move towards left, it will face obstacles because of the mysterious things. As Mae will move forward, she will discover new things and meet her old friends such as Gregg who is a fox and Angus who plays the role of a bear. The game revolves around the pleasant themes and the changing situation of Mae’s town and her friends. Overall the gameplay and features are very intriguing and we all hope that it comes to smartphones soon.

Night In The Woods For Mobile:

night in the woods

Night In The Woods for iOS will be available in 2018 and all the Apple device users will be able to enjoy the gameplay. If you’re an Android user, you can also download the Night In The Woods Apk file and play it on your device. However, Night In The Woods for Android will also be available in 2018 and we hope that it will be free. Though the developers have not specified any particular platform for mobile devices but  Android and iOS users are safe as this game is definitely coming to their devices.

This Kickstarter-funded game was announced in 2013 for the consoles and was revealed for the PS4 in 2014. In a recent tweet by the Official Twitter account of the game, its release for the smartphones was revealed and since then the gaming enthusiasts are very excited.

Night In The Woods is really the game that you should play on your mobiles as it has a fun and intriguing gameplay along with pleasing themes and environments. Those who have already played the game on the gaming consoles like PS4 must be excited too because playing on a mobile device is completely a different experience. We hope that next year is going to be very adventurous and interesting for the smartphone owners.



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