News, Rumors, Price And Release Date Of Apple iPhone X

iphone x

According to a leak this Saturday, it was revealed that Apple’s latest phone will be named as iPhone X and that it may pack a 6-core processor. The Apple news website, 9to5Mac also reported that the new phone will be launched at the multi-billion dollar headquarters of Apple on Tuesday and other two phones will be called iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

iPhone is the most successful product of Apple and the new launch will also mark the 10th anniversary of this device. The three new phones that are going to be launched soon will give hints on Apple’s new direction. Apple has sent out many invites to the launching event at the newly built-theatre and thus everyone is anxiously waiting for Tuesday, 12th of September.


iphone x

The iOS 11 leak was a huge one and it proved to be as a tool for many technology junkies to dig more details regarding the device. A twitter user named Longhorn has guessed that the iPhone X and iPhone 8 models will be equipped with a 6-core chip and two out of these three devices will be high-speed cores. The iPhone 7 allows only the high speed or low speed cores to run at a time and thus this will be a big step because till now Apple has never introduced a device that has two active cores running at the same time.

These cores help in multi-threaded tasks and can improve the performance by far. Apple’s chips are already equipped with the latest Qualcomm but the high-speed cores will make the task easier than ever. It is also suspected that iPhone X and the iPhone 8 models will take advantage from those features and upgrades that iPhone 7 didn’t have. Some other rumors regarding the phone’s specifications include a USB-C, portrait lighting feature, and more nods to wireless charging. Other than wireless charging, iPhone X will also feature the face ID setup process.

iphone x

However, these specifications related to the devices are just rumors and we’ll get to know about the phones completely on Tuesday only, when it will be released officially. The names of the models were discovered by a game developer named Steven Troughton-Smith, who identified them using the leaked software code.

The iPhone X is a much awaited phone and all the Apple fans are waiting anxiously for its official release. There will be lots of camera improvements in the phone and they will also support 4K video at 60 FPS. As compared to the previous devices, iPhone X will have a larger button for power on the side. For people who love photography, the portrait lighting feature is of great interest as it will allow the users to do settings for contour light, stage light, natural light, studio light, and stage light mono.

Apple prides itself on protecting the information of its new products and their features, and the leaked information may have embarrassed the company as secrecy is the top most priority of Apple. According to some tech-enthusiasts, the leak was a deliberate one as someone from Apple leaked the URLs.


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