Moto X4: A Budget Phone With A Gigantic Battery


Do you want to take a phone along with you on the go? Well, Moto X4 will be a good choice as it has plenty of battery to make sure you carry on your tasks smoothly. It is a midrange smartphone and is an awesome successor of the Moto X series.

Motorola has continued to admire its fans after it launched Moto X and now we can’t get our eyes away from the Moto X4. It has a spectacular design and amazing specs in a very affordable price range. Moto X4 uses Android One Model and have two years of OS upgrades and monthly security updates too. This Moto X4 review is for you if you are searching for a mid-range phone with a gigantic battery.

Moto X4 Features:

You can go through the Moto X4 full specifications, and here we’ll discuss the main Moto X4 features so that you have an idea of this mid-range and high-end device.



The Moto X4 has a spectacular design with smooth curves that are present at the top and bottom of the device. There is a rear camera present at top-middle of the device and an oval shaped fingerprint scanner is present at the bottom of the screen. The power and volume buttons are present on the right side of the device. This is not a  bezel-less device and thus it doesn’t match with the latest high-end devices of 2017 in this regard.



Moto X4 display is a 5.2-inch full HD display which provides a clear and crisp image. However, the use of IPS display only makes it a little less than other smartphones with OLED displays. The non-Android One version of Moto X4 has a Moto Display feature that lights up the portion containing date and time icons on the screen.


The Moto X4 uses Snapdragon 630 and a 3 GB of RAM which is expandable through a microSD card. These specs don’t match up with the flagship phones of 2017 but they are good enough for a mid-range phone. The Android interface is quite uncluttered and Moto gestures are responsive enough too.


Moto X4 has a dual-lens rear camera with a 12 MP telephoto lens and an 8 MP wide-angle lens camera. This camera can also capture 4K video and it offers high-resolution selfies, and sharp still shots with amazing HDR.


Moto X4 battery is a 3,000 mAh one and it charges very fast. It is a gigantic battery and can last for two days on moderate use and after being fully charged.


The Moto X4 price is $399 in the US and can be easily bought from Motorola’s Online Store. With all these features and specs it is a very affordable phone specially designed for people who want a budget phone.


Moto X4 is a waterproof phone with a dual-lens camera and the 5.2 inch display is also a comfortable one. It has a powerful battery and is an ideal phone for those who want to take the phone with them while travelling.


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