Moto Mods: Reshaping the Future

moto mods

Moto Mods are a series of modular accessories that you can attach with your Motorola Z Phones to transform them into a completely new device. Be it a projector, camera or an external battery, Moto Mods will surprisingly make life easier. They are intuitive, easy to add or remove at the back of the phone. But the question, is will they remain intact? Yes, Motorola have used powerful magnets on their moto Z phones to ensure easy attachment.

Moto Mods Features

In this Moto Mods review, we focus on how each module serves a different purpose but instead has the same features. To prevent extra battery consumption of your phone, each module has its own battery. They are equipped with a USB charging port so you can charge them with the same cable you use for charging the Moto Z phone. You can also charge them while they are attached to their phone. The battery status of Moto Mods are displayed along with the phones’ battery status in the notification panel. You can also view that in the settings option to know how much it has charged.


Next, there is an application on Play Store to install Moto Mods. This app lets you have a Moto Mod manager in your phone for updating whichever Moto Mod you have attached.

Lastly, for each of your Moto Mod you choose different set of settings. For example, when using an external battery pack, you will have the option to either use your phone’s battery or use the efficiency mode to consume the Moto Mod’s life. The settings apply for all Moto mods depending on their functionalities.

Latest Moto Mods

Recently, in the CES 2018, Motorola introduced two new Moto Mods to keep the users more intrigued and anticipated with latest trends in technology. They let users buy all sorts of modular attachments for the Moto Z series smartphones.

  1. Vital Moto Mod: Designed by the Motorola’s parent company Lenovo, this mod lets users track five key signs in our body including; heart rate, respiratory rate, body temperature, pulse, and blood pressure. It has a finger cuff, where you slip in your finger and it measures blood pressure and other things. The vital Moto Mod will come out in April for a price of $395.
  2. Keyboard Moto Mod: The Company Livermorium designed this module. A full back-lit QWERTY keyboard can slide the phone to 60 degrees to use. It reminds us of the old QWERTY keyboards from the Motorola Backflip phones. It will be available by the end of the year for $99.

List of Moto Mods

Let us take a look at all the Moto Mods you can buy below and each Moto Mods price:

  1. Polaroid Insta-Share Printer- $149.99
  2. Moto smart speaker with Amazon Alexa- $112.49
  3. Moto insta-share projector- $224.99
  4. Moto 360 camera-$224.99
  5. Moto gamepad-$59.99
  6. JBL SoundBoost 2-$59.99
  7. Moto turbopower™ pack-$59.99
  8. Moto style shell with wireless charging-$29.99
  9. Moto power pack-$37.49
  10. JBL SoundBoost | Speaker-$59.99
  11. Hasselblad True Zoom-$224.99
  12. Incipio offGRID™ Power Pack
  13. Incipio Vehicle Dock-$48.74
  14. Moto style shell-$14.99
  15. Mophie juice pack
  16. Moto mods development kit


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