Mother!: The Most Awaited Horror Movie Of The Year

Mother Horror Movie 2017

Darren Aronofsky’s upcoming horror film ‘mother!’ has become the talk of the town since its marketing campaign started. Starring Jennifer Lawrence, the movie is going to be initially released on 14th this month. All the horror films enthusiasts were eagerly waiting to know more about the movie until it was disclosed at the Toronto International Film Festival. Last week, the movie was a top trend on social media with more than 100,000 conversations as measured by the PreAct service by ComScore.

Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem are playing the role of a couple and will be interrupted by some uninvited guests at their place. The other cast of this film includes Ed Harris, Michelle Pfeiffer, Kristen Wig, and Domnhall Gleeson and the film is developed as a psychological horror-thriller. According to Jennifer, this film is the most difficult one of all the movies she had done and she also described her experience as a ‘painful’ one. She didn’t state why her experience of doing the movie was painful as she didn’t want to spoil the thrill.

Describing a scene from the movie, Jennifer says that ‘I woke up to a surprise and ran down the stairs.’ She further stated ‘That was that worst feeling I’ve ever had in my life. That was awful. And I don’t know if I would do a movie that made me feel that way ever again’. With these words, she left us more excited and anxious about her upcoming horror movie.

mother! revolves around the tranquility of an isolated house and the disastrous entries of the creepy visitors. The movie is all about light and darkness and is Darren Aronofsky’s creepiest movies ever produced. Aronofsky had also bagged the best director nomination at Oscar 2010 for the film Black Swan, and thus we can expect a lot from his upcoming movie mother!.

Just like most of the people, you must be wondering too if there is a link between the title of the movie and its plot, but according to Aronofsky, when you’ll see the film you’ll get to know it. The title is somewhat creepy as it starts with a  lowercase’ and ends with an exclamation mark. So, a lot of things are associated with the title and we think that this horror movie can make you have Goosebumps.

The movie has a clear metaphor which explains its link to Bible. The director and co-writer of this movie have gone deep into Jewish tradition and used a short story from Bible to create the plot. Aronofsky has explained the masculine and feminine nature very explicitly, where the masculine nature is fond of keep on wiping things off and starting them over again while the feminine force is the one that keeps on sacrificing and giving.

Since nothing is clear yet, the movie is going to be a thrilling experience for all the horror movie fans. The whole movie is based on Jennifer’s character and it is sort of a continuous one without any breaks. Mother! is one of the most awaited horror movies of the fall season this year.


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