Monster Hunter World Launch Tips and Pre-order Bonuses

Monster hunter world

If you have some hunting instinct, and love to play action role-playing games, Monster Hunter World is the latest hottest game to satisfy your gaming needs. The game allows you to explore a world full of monsters and become a friend of a cat too. Monster Hunter World Launch release date was on 26th of January 2018, which means it has just been released. If you were searching for Monster Hunter World Launch reviews, go nowhere because we have a concise yet comprehensive review for you.

About the game:

monster hunter world

Monster Hunter World Launch features are very unique and interesting as it allows you to go through different environments. You have to go on a monster-hunting quest where you have to adopt some survival techniques such as harvesting the materials to keep you going. You have to make yourself strong enough to fight the monsters and beasts.

There are 14 different types of weapon that allows the players to attack the enemies in various ways. The monsters are also equipped with different powers and strengths and the interesting thing is that you can also add new monsters, change them, and do lots of other activities to have a customized gaming experience.

Monster Hunter World Launch pre-order bonuses and special edition:

monster hunter world

Monster Hunter World Launch pre-order bonuses include The Origin Set Armor and a Fair Wind Charm. The Origin Set Armor increases gathering skills and defense and the Fair Wind Charm improves the attack power. You can know more about getting these bonuses here.

The Digital Deluxe Edition includes a Samurai Set Skin, two sticker sets, three gestures, and a hair style option with additional face paint. The Digital Deluxe Edition is for $70 and its PS4 version includes 14-weapon themed PSN avatars. These things are now available for purchase at various platforms. The Collector’s Edition is for $150 and it includes a voucher for customization items and a physical copy of the game, along with other items that are included in the Digital Deluxe Edition. This Edition also includes a code for digital sound track, a monster statue, and a hardcover art book.

The Monster Hunter World PS4 Pro is available for $450 and it includes Monster Hunter World Launch pre-order bonuses and a special edition called as ‘Rathalos’ of the console too. It also includes a PS4 dynamic theme and a physical copy of the game.

Monster Hunter World Launch Tips:

If you’re new to the Monster Hunter World Launch franchise, you’ll need some tips to play this game like a pro. You can also go through the Monster Hunter World Launch screenshots and get an idea regarding the gameplay. Also, go through these Monster Hunter World Launch tips which will help you throughout the game.

Monster Hunter World is going to be the hottest game of the year, as claimed by its developer and publisher Capcom. It is available for the platforms PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Watch the Monster Hunter World Launch trailer below and enjoy the treat:


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