Mobile World Conference 2018: All the Updates from the Show


We were at the MWC 2018 in Barcelona when it was raining gadgets. Things got off to an amazing start with the launch of some exciting phones, tablets and much more from the tech giants. The event went on for four days from 26 February to 1 March 2018. So stay hooked on this roller coaster journey to grab all the MWC 2018 updates below!

Who was at MWC 2018?

As a tech lover, you’d surely know what to expect at MWC 2018. A place where all the most breath-taking gadgets will steal your thunder and make you awestruck. Our top favourites Samsung ripped-off all the magic with the best of 2018, Samsung Galaxy S9. Other included Huawei, Google, Nokia and many more. Let us see who showed up with what products.

Samsung Galaxy S9

The much-awaited launch of 2018- Samsung Galaxy S9. It won’t be wrong to say that there weren’t many changes to the phone that came out last year. Just except a few changes to the camera, and an inclusion of a finger print sensor. The Samsung Galaxy S9 will be available in stores from March 16 for £739 ($719.99, around AU$1,300). Pre-orders in Europe are now open whereas in US pre-orders will open on March 2.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S9 is goals. The bigger and a better version of the S9, this phone actually stole all the show in Barcelona. It has a 6.2- inch curved screen and a dual lens camera that completes everything you’ll ever want. Besides, the speakers will now come in a stereo and a smart fingerprint sensor on the back.

It will also be released on March 16, with a price as massive as last years’ S8 plus. It will cost $839.99 in US and £869 in the UK.

Sony Xperia XZ2

The Sony Xperia packs various features including a new look with small bezels, an 18:9 display and a new Vibration System that brings vibrations to the media. The design and performance were a great standout including a reasonable price offering.

Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact

The Xperia XZ2 Compact was among the other phones that were exhibited. It packs a Snapdragon 845 chipset, a 4GB RAM, with a 5.0-inch display and a 2870 battery. The price and release remains unknown for now.

Sony Experia Ear Duo

The Ear Duo are a pair of wireless earbuds for music, communication also while you are conducting daily errands.

Huawei Mate X Pro

The Mate X Pro is Huawei’s second laptop only and has gotten a lot of praise already. Its powerful screen, sleek design and specifications have made it a strong contender against its arch-rivals Apple and Microsoft.

Huawei MediaPad 5

Huawei’s first entry as a tablet, the mediapad 5 is a range of three tablets that were launched at the MWC 2018. The design and specifications did well, but we’re not sure of the price yet.

LG V30S ThinQ

The V30S is a sequel to last year’s V30 with more RAM, internal storage and a classy new color for the handset. The price hasn’t been revealed yet.

ZTE Blade V9

The Blade V9 brings out some very impressive features and specs for pretty mid-range pricing. Also, it is predicted to be an early nominee for the best cheap phone of 2018.

ZTE Blade 9 Vita

The Blade 9 Vita is a lighter version of the Blade 9 with a compact design and an even lower pricing.

Alcatel 5

The Alcatel is new and a very promising phone that brings quality specs and features at a low price. Its starts about $280 and offers a good display, dual selfie camera and facial recognition technology.

Alcatel 3

Among others was Alcatel 3 displayed at the MWC 2018. It is also an extremely affordable handset with features almost same as the Alcatel 5.

Alcatel 1T

Also launching tablets this year, Alcatel is stepping into the tech world with some promising offerings. The Alcatel 1T 10 and 1T 7 will be 10 and 7 inches respectively. They also start from a low price and can be perfect for kids.

Alcatel 1X

1X is for those who are on a super low budget starting from $120. It offers a big screen, an okay camera and is quite handy for daily use.

Nokia 8110 4G

Nokia’s comeback starts with their superb return of the matrix banana phone. It comes with 4G technology, killer battery life and great nostalgia.

Nokia 8 Sirocco

The Sirocco phone is a great step towards Nokia effort for designing Android phones. It has a fascinating design, wireless charging and solid pricing options.

Nokia 7 Plus

The Nokia 7 Plus won’t be out until April but this big screen phone has a great design, features and a dual camera.

Nokia 6

This Nokia is an upgrade to the one released in 2018. It has more power, features, fast charging and size. The price gets a bit higher too.

Nokia 1

The super cheap and extremely affordable Nokia 1 gives a unique Android experience under $100. It comes off at $85 and good for a go.

Lenovo Smart Display

A perfect home support, the Lenovo Smart Display is necessary buy. It offers a big bright screen, powerful speakers, and Google Assistant provision. Can be a great competitor against Amazon Echo Show.

Lenovo Yoga 730

The 2-in-1 Yoga 730 is an upgrade to last year’s model that has some serious new features to make it worth buying.

Lenovo Flex 14 (Yoga 530)

This 14-inch low budget 2-in-1 device is for people who can’t stretch their budget a lot. Solid performance and definitely a great choice.

MWC 2018 Winners

Everyone was a winner at the MWC 2018. The phenomenal effort of making a change to the technology world by bringing out Artificial Intelligence and various features is a great step. However, there were a few who totally stole the show. Take a look at the Best Award of MWC 2018.

BEST PHONE AWARD: Samsung Galaxy S9



INNOVATION AWARD: Huawei Matebook X Pro




And that’s how we wrap the MWC 2018 Latest News and updates. Stay tuned to how and when all of these release and rise into the markets.



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